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Take Christmas Gift-giving to The Next Level With Frosted

Take Christmas Gift-giving to The Next Level With Frosted

It’s that time of the month again, and Christmas is getting closer by the day.

It’s also the time when we need to think about what to get our loved ones for the holidays.

But, every now and then, our creative juices run dry, and our schedules wouldn’t cooperate, leaving us with not enough time to think about what gifts to get.

If you want something unique and well-thought-out, spice up your gift-giving this Christmas season with something shiny, something extra—something from Frosted.

Fan of glitz and glam? Frosted has you covered!

Changing the World One Rhinestone at a Time

Two creative minds from PUP Manila teamed up to create something dazzling, one rhinestone at a time. Ikr? #QueenThings

Because rhinestones or crystals are also known as ice, the overall idea is similar to freezing objects that turn into ice. That’s where the freezer/refrigerator concept and the name Frosted came from.

Frosted hand-placed rhinestones to customize different things and make them look expensive and extra.

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The makers revealed that they were inspired after seeing rhinestones being sold on Etsy and some offering rhinestone customizations.

There are also famous American YouTubers who they saw with rhinestone tumblers, which sparked the idea of opening a rhinestone business here in the Philippines.

Frosted was launched in July of last year, but despite being in the midst of a pandemic, it did not lose its luster.

It all started with Tumblers

Photo: frosted.mnl

What do you mean, regular tumblers? We want the sparkly ones from Frosted!

These frosted tumblers will take your coffee experience to a whole new level.

Initially, only Starbucks tumblers were available for customization since the release of Frosted.

As the company is growing, more and more studded items have become available.

Blinding Lights

Photos: frosted.mnl

Now, these aren’t your typical light sticks.

Make your light sticks stand out even more in the crowd with these icy ones c/o Frosted. This is easily the best Christmas present for all K-pop fans out there for that frosted fangirling experience.

Kick Off Christmas

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a new pair of fancy kicks?

Yes, Frosted also has your sneakers covered this Christmas. As in, literally, with glittery stones!

There’s no such thing as too much bling.

Take it from Renz Pangilinan, who is killing the shoe game with an icy pair from Frosted.

A Star-Studded and Frosted Affair

Frosted has sold over 200 custom items, some of which were for celebrities.

Some celebrities such as Renz Pangilinan, DJ Cathy Frey, and GMA Artist Crystal Paras have been spotted rocking pieces from Frosted.

BBP Miss International 2021 Hannah Arnold and BBP Miss Grand International 2021 Samantha Panlilio, both looked even more stunning with their special Frosted pieces.

Step down from the throne, Elsa! We only know these #FrostedQueens.

Frosted has so much more to offer. With the frosted experience, you can make your Christmas presents extraordinary.

Check out frosted.mnl and go get something for you and your dearest ones this Christmas.

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