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Style a Cardigan in 5 Ways

Style a Cardigan in 5 Ways

If you are like me who’s finding another way to style up a look without layering piles of clothing, then cardigan must be for us. Cardigans are considered as versatile pieces, since you can dress it up or down, depending on the mood or occasion. It’s for this reason why this clothing is included in the indispensable wardrobe essentials category.

Because of its versatile nature, you can stock up different styles, colors, prints, and lengths that will surely go along with the whole outfit. Now that the weather is getting a bit chilly, it’s the perfect time for cardigans to shine. Pull your cardigans out of your closet as I will share some of my style suggestions featuring cardigan.

Layer it

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Nothing goes wrong in doing the classic and easiest way to style a cardigan than by layering it. Cardigan after all is a “one piece, fits all” kind of clothing. It could be an alternative to button-downs, jackets, coats, kimonos, or flannels if you’re keen on laidback style.

Tuck it in

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Tuck it in a if you are going after a classy and polished peg. Tucking in cardigans especially if you’re wearing it with a trouser or denim gives more shape and to its flowy structure. This is also a fresh way of wearing cardigan, apart from the usual-leaving-it-unbuttoned way.

Wear it as is

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Cardigans could also be a stand-alone piece apart from just a layering piece. This time, tucking it in is not an option but just style it on its own. You can achieve this more relax fit by wearing it as a top, all buttoned up and pairing it with your trusted straight-leg or high-rise jeans.

With skirts

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Want to take a dressier, dainty route? Then wear your cardis with a skirt or midis. Experiment with flouncier, shorter, or longer skirts for more girly and bright vibe.

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As loungewear

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The comfiness that cardigans bring is fitting to be a loungewear. Match your cardigan with palazzo pants to achieve the breezy, relaxed vibe. For an added spice to the look, opt for a tube top, tank top, or crop top.

With so many ways to sport a cardigan, there are no more excuses to just let it collect dust in our cabinets. Don’t ever sleep on the potential of this staple, as it can add wow factor in our outfit. For more of my articles, click this link.

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