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SHOT PUNO: To Itchyworms’ “Beer”

SHOT PUNO: To Itchyworms’ “Beer”

Itchyworms’ 2005 hit single Beer underwent its undeniable breakthrough in this current generation. It placed everyone again in the corner of their emotions with the same song from more than a decade ago. The pop and alternative rock band grabbed its spot on the music scene once more as the rebirth of their single occurred. The song effortlessly became a trend on today’s largest video streaming platform, TikTok. Covers here and there along with the people’s overflowing sentiments continuously arise for the song.

Photo Credit: Genius

Beer‘s TikTok Invasion

With the hugot feels that the acoustic version of Beer propounds to its listeners, many netizens became instant fans. Aspiring singers hop on the vibes of creating their own rendition. Of course, this became a mood-setter and made the song an instant hit… once again. Covers of the said song are currently a massive trend on TikTok which even certainly perpetuated Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. This made the sound more alluring and remarkable to many.

Beer Cover by: @cd_hrm  | TikTok

Also, Beer has been the go-to song of many Filipino barkadas for videoke playlist as they gather together to take a sip of their favorite drinks. The noise that the song created back then, made the debut of Itchyworms a blast. This marked the beginning of the peak of their career, respectively.

There is no doubt that upon hearing the song today, it would definitely still be as catchy as before. Now, interpreters of the song made it a point to make the song more emotionally attached and would really unleash all the sadness the listeners are instigating.

The sudden rebirth of the song also leads to the opening of more doors which lets the younger generations enjoy the gems of OPM Classics. The song highlights the trademark of Itchyworms which falls into remarkable choruses, catchy melodic sound in touch with a unique approach to mid-tempo rock songs with an unwittingly humorous message.

Listener’s Blues with Beer

Comment from @cd_hrm | TikTok
Comment from @niconiccolo | TikTok

A lot of netizens could not help but express their emotions towards the song. Some of them even shared their testimonies about their painful experience with love. Meanwhile, comments about realizing the exact meaning of the song overflowed as well.

Beer Cover by @niconiccolo | TikTok

Some TikTok covers of the song are highly applauded today is a rendition by @niconiccolo. His video reached more than 300,000 likes and 2.1M views, only two days after its upload. Meanwhile, another trendsetter of Beer song covers is @cd_hrm who also attained a whopping 150,000+ likes and almost a million views, eight days after she uploaded her cover.

Music lovers across TikTok became vulnerable to how much pain they have felt after hearing these covers. Moreover, aside from these two majestic singers, many covers have gone viral as of today making the song leave an impact on a long-term Last Song Syndrome or LSS to listeners. The sound of the viral covers was even used in the videos of some users sharing their painful experiences.

The Itchyworms is back on track

Photo Credit: @theitchyworms | Instagram post

On this note, Itchyworms, being one of the foundations of the OPM industry, never stopped sharing their music up until today. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the Philippines has eased, musical gigs slowly placed their position back on the scene.

Itchyworms surely missed the scream of the crowd and they made sure to interact with them again through their sound. Definitely, fans would not think twice about showing support to the band and being all-out present in their upcoming events.

Hop on the trend, and let’s get drunk with the emotions that Beer by Itchyworms has to offer!

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