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SB19’s Pablo released his first solo single with ‘La Luna’

SB19’s Pablo released his first solo single with ‘La Luna’

“Nagbukas na ang pulang kurtina, Simula na ng La Luna”

After hinting about a possible solo activity for almost a year, A’TIN, particularly SB19’s Pablo‘s fans rejoiced over the release of his first solo single.

Following Pablo’s recent Facebook stream last January 17, he had been teasing the fans, expressing his desire to release his own songs.

Pablo is known for being an amazing lyricist and composer. But his smart use of words made him commendable for his genius take on wordplays. The SB19 leader sure knows how to get his fans hooked and coming for more.

Connecting the dots and theories

Finally, the leader of the rising P-Pop boy group SB19 has debuted as a soloist, yesterday with his song ‘La Luna‘. And fans have been going crazy with their theories in decoding the music video and lyrics.

The A’TIN dubbing Pablo as the lone alpha is established not only because of his great leadership but also his wolf-like attitude of solitude and love for the moon.

‘La Luna’ is a powerful song that is extremely relatable. It speaks about a person’s deepest fears, Pablo’s fears. He created an alter ego, where his inner demons reign supreme and the other in constant battle with himself.

Pablo’s Official Youtube Channel

There is a lot to uncover in the music video, but the lyrics speak the truth for themselves. Here is what some fans think about ‘La Luna’.

Snapped from A’TIN/ nonfans on Twitter

Have you listened to La Luna yet? What about you?

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‘La Luna’ is a musical treat not only for A’TIN but also for nonfans who praise the lyrics and the music video as mind-blowing and amazingly different.

It is not a surprise that it debuted at 95 in the Worldwide iTunes Chart and at number one in the Philippines iTunes Chart. Just a day after its release, its brilliance reached worldwide.

Image: Pablo’s La Luna on Worldwide and Philippine iTunes Chart

SB19’s Pablo is truly one of the most promising artists in the OPM industry. He’s getting much-deserved recognition by the way people are now dubbing him a ‘legend in the making.’

Can’t get enough of Pablo’s La Luna? Show him your support by streaming on all music platforms and Youtube. Anong ingay ‘yon? Simula na ng La Luna!

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