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HISTORIC: SB19 upswings to Billboard’s number 1 Hot Trending Song, first to break BTS’ winning streak

HISTORIC: SB19 upswings to Billboard’s number 1 Hot Trending Song, first to break BTS’ winning streak


SB19, the paragons of P-Pop, has set another record-breaking history in the music scene. Charting their song ‘Bazinga’ to Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs, they overthrew the number 1 spot previously occupied by BTS’ ‘Butter’.

To date, they are the first and only Filipino group to reach this milestone. Next to global stars BTS; they are the second Asian act to pierce the top spot of the weekly chart.

Photo Courtesy: Bandwagon Asia on Twitter

Billboard is an American music entertainment magazine that provides music chartings and rankings scaled from across the globe. Through extensive and reliable tabulations, it presents real-time data of artists, and their music worldwide.

In 2020, Billboard temporarily halted the Social 50 Chart underway finding a new data partner. It’s a category measuring activity and popularity of artists globally that was persistently penetrated by SB19 before. Hence, its suspension saddened the fans.

But on October 23 this year, a new ranking category called the Hot Trending Songs (HTS) was introduced in its place. By capturing Twitter conversations over the last 24 hours and past 7 days, it ranks the songs that are most talked about.

And a short while since presented, SB19 has already managed to be the number one both for its daily and weekly results.

SB19’s Bazinga is the newly Hot Trending Song!

Photo Courtesy: @ChristusX on Twitter

Morning of December 07, A’TIN fandom rejoiced after the news that ‘Bazinga’ by SB19 is Billboard’s number 1 Hot Trending Song.

This is a sweet victory considering that K-Pop group BTS consistently topped since the creation of the chart. With the solid help of their fandom ARMY, they did not only mainstay but dominated the category with multiple entries.

However, A’TIN proved that the impossible can come true with true efforts. After Bazinga remarkably debuted on the ninth spot for HTS on November 13, fans were determined to climb higher. As a result, SB19’s first number 1 for the daily HTS turnout was recorded on November 26.

And now, they got the more intense triumph. Bazinga by SB19 is Billboard’s top Hot Trending Song for the week of December 11! It’s the group’s first number 1 on the platform.

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The fact that SB19 came close on the top with well-acclaimed BTS is not the first time. Looking back, the quintet was once branded ‘the next BTS’ of the Philippines after their breakthrough in 2019.

When they first penetrated international charts, or when they became popular as Filipino idols trained by a Korean company— there had always been toxic comparisons where the P-pop group is treated as mere shadows after someone.

But SB19 went up high and they will continue to do so. That is by challenging the norms, by breaking the scene with talent and personality, and by humbly walking the path with aspirations. Meanwhile, A’TIN promises to stay with them together in this fight.

We are witnesses to this history, we see the legacy. Congratulations, MAHALIMA!

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