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Sai Magic Tattoo offers temporary tattoos for permanent design ideas

Sai Magic Tattoo offers temporary tattoos for permanent design ideas

If you’re thinking about what design you would love on your skin, these temporary tattoos might help you decide on the permanent ones. Having tattoos is one way of expressing yourself. It is a form of art similar to when a painter splashes paints on the canvas.

Temporary tattoos

As a kid, I would always buy gums with a tattoo sticker freebie. It felt like I was so cool whenever I showed it off to my playmates. However, as an adult, I wonder what a real tattoo would feel and look like on my skin. These temporary designs I found in an online store in Shopee allowed me to observe my reaction to the tattoo design if I would like it or not. All their prices are reasonable, too.


With almost 500k followers on Shopee, Sai Magic Tattoo Store offers a wide selection of temporary tattoo designs. They have minimalist to medium-sized designs, like animals, flowers, symbols, letters, and linear tattoos. They even have a full arm sleeve temporary tattoo! Here are some of their patterns you may like to try on.

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Images from SAI MAGIC TATTOO Store

Their temporary tattoos last up to two weeks, long enough for you to weigh your liking towards the pattern. But if you had to remove the said tattoo urgently, they also have a tattoo remover gel. You only need to apply it for three consecutive days to remove the temporary tattoos on your skin entirely. Also, their products have a very reasonable price!

A tattoo is something permanently painted on your skin for a reason. May it be a memory of someone or something significant you always wanted to remember. However, before having one, make sure it’s what you want to see every day for the rest of your life. So go for the temporary, then decide!

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