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Remembering Stan Lee and his most iconic Marvel heroes

Remembering Stan Lee and his most iconic Marvel heroes

It’s been a few years since Stan Lee, creator of iconic Marvel heroes passed away. However, his legacy continues to live through his work. Marvel animated and live-action series now have a new home thanks to Disney+. In addition to that, more series are coming under the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel films are also now available on Disney+ and there are more to come in the future.

And now for this article, let us remember Stan Lee’s most iconic creation and its impact on the world.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Marvel Studios

The Avengers is a superhero team of Marvel’s powerhouse superheroes. Notable members include Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man, and more.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s superhero team was Marvel’s lifesaver during its almost decline in the ’60s along with Spider-Man and X-Men.

Fast forwards to the 21st century, the Avengers become a pop culture icon, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie based on the team is the first Marvel film to gross a billion dollars worldwide. Because of the Avengers’ success, film outfits also made their own shared universes composed of different characters like the DC Expanded Universe, Arrowverse, and others.

Daredevil: Man Without Fear


Daredevil/Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer who turns into a vigilante by night. He hunts gangsters and criminals by night making sure Hell’s Kitchen is safe.

Daredevil is the representation of the blind community and Catholic faith in the Marvel comics inspiring a lot of PWDs and Christians to stand for what is right.


Marvel Anime

X-Men is a group of mutants, people who have the X gene which gives humans superpowers. Here, mutants are experiencing discrimination and bigotry for their superpowers which led to a political divide between themselves and the human race itself.

The team is an allegory to societal issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, and white supremacy. X-Men films, series, and comics always make it a point to tackle relevant issues even when being woke is not a thing yet in the 60’s up to the 80s.

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Spider-Man: Your Friendly Neighborhood


When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko designed Spider-Man, kid superheroes were never main characters. Like Bucky Barnes and Robin, young heroes serve only as sidekicks to senior supes.

Spider-Man breaks that trend and sends a powerful message to kids that they too can be heroes on their own. Spider-Man until now is the inspiration of kids around the world with several series and movies under its name.


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