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Reasons Why I Love Commuting

Reasons Why I Love Commuting

Commuting can be such a huge pain, especially in the Philippines. Our country’s transportation system is inarguably problematic and commuting can be dreadful. Some of the reasons include traffic, queue time, lack of organization, etc. However, as a constant commuter over the years, I have learned to love it. After all, I think it is a good idea to find the silver linings in something that I always do.

Reasons why I love commuting

I get a lot of time to listen to music.

Since you’re most likely going to get stuck on the road for hours, the least you can do is keep yourself entertained.

A great idea is listening to music. Commuting enables me to explore more of my favorite artists’ discography and appreciate the songs that I usually skip. Commuting gives me time to memorize Taylor Swift’s Midnights album by heart, for instance. It could probably go on repeat five times before I could reach my destination.


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I get to sit down with my thoughts.

If you are familiar with shower thoughts, I also have my very own traffic thoughts.

These thoughts appear when I’m stuck in traffic and my mind begins wandering every nook and cranny of my brain. They usually begin in the form of random daydreams, but soon enough I’m thinking about the things that I have to fix on myself. Before I know it, I’m processing the emotions that I refuse to confront. I’m recognizing the red flags in me. I’m brewing an apology for that one person I disrespected in high school. You get the picture.

I get more quality time with myself.

It’s always like a surprise date due to unforeseen circumstances that you didn’t expect to enjoy.

I get to have more self-dates when I’m walking home, or when the jeepney I’m riding takes a reroute. A little urban sightseeing here and there, then I would enter a newly opened coffee shop. I would stay there for as long as I like.  This is just an example of the me-time I have depicted, and these usually happen whenever I commute.

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Finally, I feel less alone.

As an extrovert like me who constantly needs other people’s presence to feel more at ease, commuting soothes me.

I get to feel the buzz of activities on train rides, people simply going on and about their day. It gives me a thrill. It also makes me giddy to commute with a bunch of strangers with their own unique destinations. It gives you this feeling of connection, the realization that everyone has a life completely different from yours yet equally beautiful. I didn’t mean to make this segment more philosophical than intended, but here we are. Lastly, it’s just wonderful to see other people going through the same struggle as you.

While not everyone may not share my perspective on things, it is inarguable that commuting is not all-awful. There are still a lot of things to love about it. Actually, I think it is about time to be more optimistic about public traveling. This is because I don’t think our commute system is changing any time soon.

Are there also times that you have enjoyed commuting? We would love to hear about it!

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