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Queens in the Making: 4 Filipina Rappers Empowering Women Through Their Music

Queens in the Making: 4 Filipina Rappers Empowering Women Through Their Music

There is a long list of men in the history of the Filipino hip-hop scene. In addition, deep-seated misogyny penetrates the scene. Given the rap genre’s predominately macho culture, any female rapper’s breakthrough is all the more remarkable. And in recent years, no one has garnered more attention than these four Filipina rappers.

These four Filipina rappers don’t just write songs for their fans. They also express a lot about themselves and many issues surrounding the country’s hip-hop scene through their songs. The girls utilize their music to uplift and motivate other Filipina women.

Check out these 4 Filipina rappers who use their music to empower women 

Alex Bruce

Filipina rapper Alex Bruce, who is from Batangas, first gained attention in the music industry at the age of 11 with her frantic lines over trap beats. Rapper and songwriter Alex Bruce is a Filipino-American, born December 25, 2006. She made her solo debut in 2018 with the single Mind As a Weapon, released by Sony Music Philippines.

Photo Credits: Alex Bruce on Facebook

Alex Bruce, who may be the country’s youngest female rapper right now, isn’t messing around. Her presence gives us a peek into the future even though the period of misogynistic, male-dominated hip-hop is far from ending.

Her popular song, Yakap, is a fever dream set to mesmerizing, slow beats that can put you into a trance. That is why it is understandable why it recently appeared on Spotify’s Philippine Viral 50 list and has received over a million streams. Meanwhile, her self-titled EP, which focused on female empowerment, was highlighted by the single Dime Girls.

Additionally, she received her first AWIT Award nomination at the 34th AWIT Awards. In the Hip-Hop/Rap Category, she is the youngest nominee. Indeed, this rhyme-bending talent merits attention. It was astonishing that a young woman would be able to change the hip-hop scene. Moreover, she rejects the themes of hatred and violence that repeatedly surface in its scene.


Rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer Zae Zacarias is most commonly known by her stage name Zae. She is already gaining a sizable fan following around the Philippines and keeps raising the bar for the Pinoy Hip-hop/R&B industry. While spewing bars and serving looks, she utilizes her songs to celebrate women. She also uses her song to show how proud she is of her morena skin tone, flaunts her beauty, and calls out misogynists.

Photo Credits: Zae

This 20-year-old Filipina raps about explicit topics and doesn’t hesitate from discussing social issues. At the age of 19, the gifted young rapper began putting out music in November 2019. Because of the inspiration provided by the voiceless, Zae uses rap to express her desire to fight for various causes as well as her daily hardships as a woman.

The teen rapper also stated that she wanted to make her lyrics more meaningful. Additionally, as her audience grows, she wants to spread a powerful message. Since the release of Pantsu, Zae has addressed misogyny in her music. The song even makes a dig at Nik Makino’s local rap hit Neneng B, which sexualizes women.

Zae stands out as a woman who is proud to represent Filipino rappers in a scene that may often be antagonistic to them. More than that, she uses her music to challenge harmful stereotypes about women as Filipina rapper.

Pearl Gemini

Rapper and composer Nicole Leonar, also known as Pearl Gemini, is from Las Pinas City. Because of her lyrics, rhythmic flow, and soulful intent, she is one of the up-and-coming artists in the country’s hip-hop scene.

Photo Credits: Peaceful Gemini

Peaceful Gemini’s Mariposa was her first official single under Sony Music Philippines. The music video acknowledges the essence of what it means to be a Filipina by illuminating the shared historical and socially dependent link between women and nature.

The themes of sisterhood, women’s empowerment, dispelling stereotypes, feminine tenderness, and rituals were also prominent. Additionally, Peaceful Gemini and DB that Girl embrace the island vibes with a song. The song also creates a space for women of color to overcome patriarchal expectations and embrace their inherent strength.

Furthermore, she describes her music as a journey in which she shares her thoughts, ideas, objectives, artwork, energy, and music with the rest of the world. This is how she hopes to encourage more people to find their purpose in life while also supporting more healing. 

Moreover, she continues to produce socially conscious narratives that represent the unheard and collective voices of all women. She accomplishes this by taking back their position in a genre that frequently downplays their historical significance and contribution.

Dhyana Mitta

Dhyana Mitta focuses on issues of sex positivity, culture, and women’s empowerment. She has quickly gained recognition throughout the Bisdak music sphere, not just in Cebu’s hip-hop scene. She frequently conveys the message that she follows her own goal, says what she thinks, and is on the job to ensure that her audience feels the same way.

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Photo Credits: Dhyana Mitta

However, Dhyana Mitta has been successful in drawing attention to topics that were once frowned upon, such as a woman’s perspective on sex. Like her song Empress 2020 encourages women to realize their worth and not let men define them, especially when it comes to having sex.

Meanwhile, the rapper shifts the storyline to lay out what ladies want in her most recent hit, Real Good, where she blends sensuality and power. Likewise, her tracks convey many stories about women for women. 

In Wisdoms of a Bad Bitch, she uses her own rage to create a fantastic song. This song tells us that strong women should be the norm as well as empowering women. Dhyana Mitta shows us how females may be both powerful and beautiful at the same time.

Wrapping things up 

Despite the fact that it is now 2022, misogyny remains an issue in Philippine society. This is why it’s so gratifying to see Filipinas rappers ascend to the heights of popularity gradually. Especially in a field that often has a bad reputation for being hostile to women.

In actuality, female hip-hop rappers have always been a rarity in the country’s hip-hop scene, which is why we need more female energy. We need more songs from these four Filipina rappers and other artists that utilize their talent to empower people.

In the meantime, it’s uncommon to hear Filipino rappers discussing these significant issues. Particularly in a male-dominated field where misogyny is still actively promoted to young men. But these Filipina rappers show women all across the world a peek of the faith. They prove that the future is women. 

In a world that tells them they’re “just a woman,” they empower women through their music to rule their own kingdoms. Let’s celebrate and support Filipina women’s empowerment in hip-hop! 

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