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WATCH: Park Seo-Joon talks about his mental health

WATCH: Park Seo-Joon talks about his mental health

South Korean superstar Park Seo-Joon graced the cover of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore, sporting various colorful suits. In his interview, the Itaewon Class actor discussed how he takes care of his mental health and how he has been dealing with fame.

Seo-joon believes that opening up about mental health is one of the best ways to confront the issue. He, then, shared that he talks to his close friends whenever he faces difficult problems to keep his mental health in check.

“Sharing with others doesn’t necessarily solve my problems. But after I talk to someone, my worries feel lighter. So I open up to my close friends and share the hard times.  Although it doesn’t solve my problems but I regain my energy to carry on. So I try my best to share them” he said.

In the said interview, Seo-Joon also shared how he balances his personal life and his life on the spotlight.

“As an actor I try very hard to separate my life from my character. I make sure that my personal life is not affected by my character. The harder I try, the more it works out. I get to have my own personal life and my acting life although I haven’t mastered that yet,” he shared.

Seo-joon added, “Eventually there will come a time where I will get used to all of this, although it’s still a bit difficult for now.”

Watch his full interview below:

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