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Original Doctor Foster creators feels content with ABS-CBN’s PH remake

Original Doctor Foster creators feels content with ABS-CBN’s PH remake

Doctor Foster PH

ABS-CBN will remake the British show Doctor Foster. Their vision for the Philippine adaptation of the drama series has the British creators express their confidence in it.

Doctor Foster PH
Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

The Broken Marriage Vow is the local title of the adaptation. It was unveiled recently that Jodi Sta. Maria, Zanjoe Marudo, Sue Ramirez, and Zaijan Jaranilla will be in it. It will be produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and directed by Connie Macatuno.

André Renaud, SVP of Format Sales for BBC, said,

What’s inspired me from the outset in our discussions with the wonderful creative team at ABS-CBN Entertainment, is how committed they are to telling this story in a way that will excite, entertain, and inspire viewers.

The BBC executive said that the Philippine version’s doctor will feel familiar to local viewers. It is despite being based on the British title character. Jodi Sta. Maria will be playing Dr. Jill Ilustre.

He said,

How this doctor will connect to the community, where she lives, and her family, and her journey will be a uniquely Filipino story.

From the setting, the food, the style of life, Macatuno has said the show will integrate Filipino elements in the story. The fashion as well. It will reflect the culture of the Filipino people. Sta. Maria’s appearance as Jill wore a stylish barong in the announcement reel of the series.

Jodi has also described her character as a community doctor. Macatuno, on the other hand, separately said that the theme of women empowerment will be prevalent in the story.

Renaud said,

We couldn’t be happier with the vision that the executive team has already shared with us. It’s our pleasure to continue to work closely with these teams, as the story comes to life. I’m confident that this sixth adaptation of ‘Doctor Foster’ will sit with honor alongside her sisters around the world.

Following its versions in France, Russia, Turkey, India, and South Korea, the ABS-CBN offering is the sixth international adaptation of Doctor Foster.

The World of the Married, the Korean remake, became the country’s highest-rated cable TV drama. It courted a massive following from Filipino viewers, aired locally by ABS-CBN.

Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN’s COO of Broadcast, said the network is “most grateful to BBC for entrusting [us] with the Philippine version” of the British drama.

She said,

It is a privilege for us to be able to produce this highly engaging and relatable story for the Filipino audience.

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