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Oppo releases teaser for the all-new dazzling Oppo F21 Pro Series

Oppo releases teaser for the all-new dazzling Oppo F21 Pro Series

Leading global smart-device brand Oppo sets to launch its much-awaited F21 Pro Series on Tuesday, April 12 at 5 PM. They will start to release it in India and will surely release it to other markets soon after. Although complete specifications and pricing remains unreleased, a lot of tech news sites have started releasing their speculations and expectations on the upcoming Oppo F21 Pro Series. 

Oppo releases teaser for the all-new dazzling Oppo F21 Pro Series

Sunset Orange

Oppo F21 Pro has a Sunset Orange variant. This variant sports the brand’s industry-first Fibreglass-Leather design on its back. This, on the other hand, doubles as a ‘frameless’ battery cover to make the phone thin, light, and durable. Aside from that, Oppo had engineers that conducted two years of research and refinement. They chose lychee-grain leather for the base material because of its plush feel. 

Meanwhile, the lychee grain leather material remains waterproof. Aside from that, it also remains heavily wear-resistant. The finished material, on the other hand, remains subjected to extreme lab tests. This involves rubbing the material with an alcohol-soaked, a rubber eraser, and a denim swatch over five-thousand, ten-thousand, and two-million times respectively. This also ensures its color fidelity and durability. 

Cosmic Black

It also has a Cosmic Black variant. This uses Oppo Glow technology, making the back cover look glossy. Meanwhile, it gives the phone a matte-in-hand feel that remains fingerprint and stain-resistant. 

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The 5G version also comes available in two color variants. 

Rainbow Spectrum and Cosmic Black. The Rainbow Spectrum uses a three-layer texture and two-layer coating manufacturing process. This, then, gives the phone its dazzling rainbow appearance. 

Block your calendars and #FlauntYourBest with Oppo F21 Pro Series! 

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