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This online plant shop is the modern plant destination for the modern plant lover

This online plant shop is the modern plant destination for the modern plant lover

There is one particular generation that is buying into urban plant parenthood, putting their green thumb to work. Millennials, especially during this time of quarantine where they are spending almost 90% of our time inside their home, have developed this urge to turn familiar space into a little plant paradise.

Urban Plant Parenthood

Scroll through your Instagram feed and you’ll see posts with hashtags #PlantParenthood, #HalaMom, #PlantDaddy, and #UrbanJungle. This only means the popularity of cultivating houseplants has grown exponentially over the past years. Beyond the calming and cozy aesthetics and social media content purposes, fostering our green thumb provides far-reaching mental health benefits, which are really important especially in this pandemic. A little home gardening can do you good since it can lessen anxiety and even some effects of depression. 

So, if you are thinking of transforming your rooms and salas into your own plant sanctuaries, we are recommending one particular online plant shop that can turn your plant parenthood dreams into reality.

PlanTito Manila

In an exclusive interview with owner Giovanni Solomon, he shared the story behind PlanTito Manila, one of the most popular names in the local plant business industry.

“PlanTito Manila is just a wild idea started in a journal. During the quarantine season, I started writing things that I want to accomplish in my 20’s. One of them is putting up an online shop or business that focuses on a target market which is young adults stuck at home during the quarantine period.

“PlanTito Manila’s vision is to make the experience of discovering the perfect potted plants as wonderful as the plants themselves. PlanTito Manila is the source that bridges the gap between plants and people, offering products and services that fit with their personal style, their lifestyle, and their budget.”

The Journey

Of course, just like any other aspiring businessman, Gio had hesitations and doubts before finally putting up his own online plantshop.

“At first, I’m hesitant to start up an online plant shop because there are already established plant shops in the market but my wild creative mind has a lot of ideas that make PlanTito a standout amongst other competitors.”

With the help of some of his close friends who believed in his vision, they successfully launched PlanTito Manila barely a month ago.

“I started talking to some friends who can join the team and luckily, they liked my vision for PlanTito Manila. Most of them are my age so we really can relate to each other. So we started planning on how we could put our small brandchild into life. One thing that really helped us is that we are being co-produced by The Sill, our partner in the US, who allows us to start the brand through their help for graphics and guidance for plant care.”

“We did thorough research on how planting really works, strategized on how we can make PlanTito a standout, and how we can make the ordinary planting experience become extraordinary. We are not just an ordinary plant shop. Our services for plants also includes FREE Interior Design Consultation from our Licensed IDr’s in PlanTito Manila and more.

“This simple idea was the seed for what would become PlanTito Manila: a modern plant destination for the modern plant lover.”

The Challenges

Putting up a business especially this quarantine, where almost everything is put on hold, is harder than you imagined. According to Gio, one of the biggest challenges he encountered was getting a supplier for plants and pots.

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“We all know that during ECQ, we only have limited hours to go out and do sourcing. We started talking to several suppliers and luckily we got a supplier and allowed us to virtually shop in the garden and source plants without compromising the product quality.”

The Message

At the latter part of the interview, Gio left a message to people who also want to start their online business, especially this quarantine.

“Things don’t happen overnight, and it takes a village to start up a business during these uncertainties. One is, think what is the “trending” during the new normal and think how you can put it into entrepreneurship. You also need to think if your target market will patronize your product. So be creative. Write down your ideas and brainstorm how to make the ordinary extraordinary. Lastly, we actually are motivated from a word of Jim Rohn that says:

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” 

“So, if you want to fulfill your dreams as an entrepreneur, go for it ⁠— no matter how small or insignificant. The act of utilizing your creative juices will help you perfect your craft and become even better. Just create!”

For more information about PlanTito Manila, you can visit their Instagram page here.

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