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One Story at a Time: Know More About the Storytelling Project

One Story at a Time: Know More About the Storytelling Project

Kwentista, that’s what they call our local storytelling icons. They provide free entertainment and education for the children. The Storytelling Project helps communities while aiming to inspire children that reading is a fun activity to do. 

One story at a time: Know more about The Storytelling Project

One of the modern heroes of this generation is our volunteers, who sacrifice time and effort to provide for those who are in need. Our storytellers are great narrators of stories, both of books and of children’s lives.

The First Kwentista of The Storytelling Project

Rey Bufi enjoys reading and wants to influence the younger generation to make it a fun learning experience. In 2012, he initiated The Storytelling Project. Their group would go and stay in different secluded areas in the Philippines to read stories in front of children. In addition, they wanted to enhance their audiences’ listening skills and imagination.

The Storytelling Project 

The Storytelling Project is currently a decade old this year. They taught and helped a lot of children and families already, but the story should continue and go beyond what is expected. It is a non-profit group that fosters a love of reading through storytelling.

As a result of perseverance and hope, they shared stories from 30 provinces and built partnerships with nine (9) schools and communities. They also donated more than 20,000 storybooks to libraries and Filipino children. The project provided workshops for more than 10,000 educators, volunteers, and soldiers around the country.

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Give love and hope

f you’re interested in helping the project and contributing to its mission, they’re open for donations, partnerships, and volunteers. Cash donations are used to purchase books, school supplies, and other learning materials. With volunteers and partnerships, the project allows collaborations with a good willingness to reach more people and communities.

In communication, telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to influence and give inspiration to the audience. It is also an essential approach to building relationships and connecting with other people.

What book would you choose to go with it if you were to read a story to teach children?

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