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New Girl: Jessica Day’s Best Lines and How We Can Relate to It

New Girl: Jessica Day’s Best Lines and How We Can Relate to It

Jessica Day is probably one of the quirkiest leads you can watch in a sitcom, played by Zooey Deschanel, as the main character of Fox’s hit comedy New Girl. She is a grade school teacher who moved in with three guy roommates after finding out that his boyfriend was cheating on her.

Tailored with her cute bangs and bold and bright-colored attire, Jess is a caring and loving character, who is willing to put everyone’s sake before herself. Despite her kindness, she is not afraid to show her true “weird” self, and to stand still after every fall. With tons of adorable characters, you can watch everywhere, but no one is quite like Jess.

Here are 5 best quotes from Jess that anyone can relate to or maybe get a new perspective in life:

“I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time”

There are days in life where you think that the bad thing already happened today so no more negative things will happen. But nope! Every time you go to a place everything just goes wrong. These instances in life make us question ourselves, but hey, there are things that we cannot control and maybe you are just unlucky that day. Bad things just happen by chance to people.

“I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone”

Come on, there is nothing more relatable than this. When we are struggling or going through some bad phase in life, we just want to be alone and blast Taylor Swift’s songs. Well, if you are not a Swiftie, there will always be another artist that you can listen to as music naturally uplift our mood and improve our overall well-being. Just like Jess, if you’re having a bad day, just turn up that music and chill. 

“You don’t like my style, that’s fine, but I’m not gonna change who I am. So, you’re just gonna have to deal with and respect it”

Everyone needs a little Jess as their spirit animal in life. You should not let negative people pull you down. Instead, face them and show that you are not allowing any disrespect with the way you present yourself. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, be unapologetically you!

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“I feel like I want to murder someone, and also I want soft pretzels”

Girls would easily relate to this quote from Jessica Day. When it’s the time of the month, women would often feel mixed emotions, something like murdery and a strong desire to eat sweets. We feel like anyone who would cross us during our period, would experience something bad. But maybe, soft pretzels would just cure it all.

“I’d like everybody to take a moment and think back to a time when they did something stupid, how they were treated, and how they wish they were treated.

This is probably the most relatable line from Jess. When we are just living our life and suddenly remember that cringe and foolish thing that we did. You would just want to share that story with your friends so you would know how it can go easier for you.

There you go, the best lines from Jessica Day and why we need a little bit more of her fighting spirit. You can watch her and the entire series of New Girl on Disney+.

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