Seinfeld: A must-watch classical sitcom


Seinfeld is one of the most popular and influential sitcoms ever made. Old but gold, this classical sitcom that aired for nine seasons from 1989 to 1998, ages so well. Given that it is old, the sitcom can still provide a timeless and fresh perspective on life.

If you’re fond of watching situational comedies, Seinfeld is worth giving a try. It is still remarkably humorous. Most of the episodes work as well as they did when they aired them back in the1980s. 

Comedy doesn’t have a shelf life and this show continues to entertain people to this day. Recently, the show has become available on Netflix allowing the modern generations to watch this classical sitcom.

Here are the interesting things you need to know about why Seinfeld is a must-watch sitcom 

Stand-alone episodes

In a sea of serialized shows, Seinfeld followed a different approach. This show is a self-contained sitcom that does not need prior viewing of any other episodes to understand the storyline. In fact, it incorporated a more episodic style that makes it convenient to watch. 

It has no overarching storyline. Fortunately, you can watch any given episode without knowing what happened in the previous ones. Every episode of Seinfeld stands on its own which also provides a new story that won’t make you lost in a greater narrative.

Iconic characters 

What makes Seinfeld extremely fun to watch are the main characters. The great exhibition of their roles and acts set them apart from other sitcoms. 

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Jerry Seinfeld who plays stand-up comedian himself in the show often gets involved in bizarre situations with his friends Elaine, George, and Kramer. He makes witty observations and creates something humorous out of it. He was simply to play a comedian showing his clean-cut sarcastic remarks.

George Costanza is a neurotic guy with fragile self-esteem and insecurities. He’s the character who often does the wrong thing and traps himself in unfortunate circumstances. Additionally,  George’s cheapness is also beyond human understanding, and he would spend money as little as possible. 

Elaine Benes is a character with a quirky personality who chose to defy societal norms. She went on multiple dates and relationships. Despite being educated and beautiful, she’s unshakeably spoken even if it’s not absolutely true.  

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Cosmo Kramer often does outrageous entrances into Jerry’s apartment which is one of the funniest parts of the show. He’s a clumsy guy with manic energy who keeps himself busy in odd yet suspicious jobs. Although he’s shallow and indifferent, he could get along well with anyone. 

Relatable storylines 

The real-life situations in the show made it iconic and extremely relatable to its audience. Seinfeld focuses on simple nuances of life without forcing unrealistic scenarios to make the show humorous. 

Moreover, the punchlines are drawn straight from real incidents that almost everyone can resonate with. Even the situations that depict terrible situations such as lost jobs, failed relationships and family gatherings can transmit an immediate connection that is common to any person. Undoubtedly, Seinfeld contains a lot of laughable moments by making ordinary and painful situations funny. 

Seinfeld is “a show about nothing” as it focuses on the seemingly mundane little things of life. However, with its iconic storyline, the show has become an exceptionally funny show. Seinfeld will remind you that even simple problems and awkward situations we encounter every day can give us delight. 

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