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Netherlands knights to Filipina scientist Dr. Mary Ann Pelagio Sayoc

Netherlands knights to Filipina scientist Dr. Mary Ann Pelagio Sayoc

A Filipina scientist was knighted by the Netherlands. It is in recognition of her work in agriculture and dedication to promoting Dutch-Filipino relations. Dr. Mary Ann Pelagio Sayoc, a scientist from the Philippines, received a knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Her efforts in transforming Philippine agriculture and boosting farmers’ productivity were phenomenal. Therefore, she was awarded by Ambassador Saskia de Lang.

Filipina Scientist
Photo Credits: Embassy of the Netherlands

Netherlands knights to Filipina scientist Dr. Mary Ann Pelagio Sayoc

She helped in the areas of trade, investments, agricultural technology, and knowledge transfer. Henceforth, the Philippines and the Netherlands have developed strong ties in the agri-food sector.

A press release stated that it has pleased His Majesty King Willem Alexander to award a Knighthood on a leading personality of the Dutch Filipino community.

Sayoc is the public affairs lead in the establishment of the East-West Seed Group (EWS). Since that, it has become a dominant market leader in vegetable seeds in the Philippines. The Philippine company with Dutch roots has expanded its operations to countries in Asia and Africa. It continues to prove its growth from when it was founded in 1982.

She also contributed her Dutch expertise in establishing the National Seed Technology Park (NSTP). This is as the chairperson of the Philippine Seed Industry Association (PSAI). The NSTP is their initial step to pursue the Philippines and the Netherlands’ planned collaboration on horticulture development.

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Dr. Mary Ann Pelagio Sayoc strengthens the relationship between Filipinos and the Dutch as the head of the Philippine-Dutch Fellows Network, Inc. This is apart from continuously contributing to agriculture developments,

She is also a board member of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (DCCP). Accordingly, she also shared her knowledge of the Philippines with Dutch companies that wish to do business with Filipinos.

The Order of Orange-Nassau is awarded to individuals for longstanding meritorious service to society. Thus, we couldn’t be prouder for this achievement of our fellow Filipino.

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