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‘My boxing career is over’ says Manny Pacquiao after being asked about the 2022 Presidential Elections

‘My boxing career is over’ says Manny Pacquiao after being asked about the 2022 Presidential Elections

Manny Pacquiao Presidential Elections

Even after the controversial interview with Bongbong Marcos, Toni Gonzaga continues her YouTube segment, Toni Talks. This time, she invited boxing champion and senator, Manny Pacquiao.

In the interview, the TV personality asked Manny about his boxing career in case he wins the Presidential elections. The “senator” answered,

“Boxing career po… yung boxing career ko tapos na. Kasi matagal na rin ako sa pagboboxing… at yung pamilya ko lagi nagsasabi, ‘Tama na.'”

(My boxing career would end. I have been doing it for a while now. And my family have always asked me to stop.)

He also added,

“Nagtuloy-tuloy lang ako kasi passionate ako sa sport na ‘to. Magsu-support na lang ako ng boxingero para magkaroon tayo ng champion ulet.”

(I only continued this because I am passionate about it. I will just support other boxers for us to have another champion.)

Manny said on Sunday that he will run for president of the Philippines next year. This is after railing against corruption in government which he calls “President Rodrigo Duterte’s cozy relationship with China”.

The boxer accepted the nomination of his political allies during the national assembly of the faction he leads in the ruling PDP-Laban Party. This is days after a rival faction nominated Duterte’s long-time aide, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, as its presidential candidate.

In a live-streamed speech during the assembly, Manny said,

“I am a fighter, and I will always be a fighter inside and outside the ring. I am accepting your nomination as candidate for president of the Republic of the Philippines.”

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At the end of all of this, I would just like to remind everyone to vote wisely for the next Presidential elections. We want our country to be ruled by someone who knows the law and its basic principles.

Also, the 1987 Philippine Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and nothing else.

Please do remember that we can make a change by simply voting for a qualified candidate. One who is for the people and one who knows what he’s doing. Not some popular celebrity who uses his influence to get the votes of the masses.

We don’t need someone popular. We need someone who wants to serve the people. That is all.

Vote wisely, kababayan! Learn how to register here.

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