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MELAI ANIMATION SERIES: Yokify’s Videos You Should Watch

MELAI ANIMATION SERIES: Yokify’s Videos You Should Watch

“Thank you, Mama! You know that I love chicken nuggets!” Wow. Me too, Mela. Not only that, we also love Yokify’s videos that highlight your family’s endearing bond. Have you previously viewed those videos? If not, here are Yokify’s Melai Animation Series to brighten your day. Let us watch, laugh, and feel gigil along with this wonderful family.

MELAI ANIMATION SERIES: Yokify’s Videos You Should Watch

Chicken Nuggets (Animation Meme)

You’ve probably heard this line on Facebook, TikTok, or one of the other social media platforms. Mela’s words in which she thanked and told her mother how much she loves chicken nuggets are simply adorable. Yokify also breathed new life into the family’s already endearing short video. Reality and imagination collided in this cute clip as he used its sound as inspiration for his animation videos.

“Guys, it’s so asim! It’s so saraaaap!”

I hope Jason does not come to regret his wish for his child to be able to communicate in English. He must have watched this video now, in which his statement from his interview with Vice came true. Jason, please be patient! You’ll be dealing with three Melais for the rest of your life. Yokify made it much funnier in this video. Each character’s expression is realistic. In fact, it appears to be more accurate than the actual person speaking.

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Melai Animation Meme Series

Do you want to see more? Here’s Melai Animation Meme Series still created by Yokify. You’ll definitely start laughing when Melai describes how she revealed her pregnancy to important people in her life. We certainly feel honored to hear her hilarious yet interesting narrative, with the classic statement, “Miss Kris, you are the second honor because my mother is the first honor.”

Continue watching Yokify’s Melai Animation Meme Series and share your comments with us. If you enjoy these videos, you’ll probably enjoy the creator’s other video content as well. Do you love chicken nuggets and sour mangoes? If so, you may be like our best girls Mela and Stela. Let us know what you think!

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