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Malong is an underrated fabric

Malong is an underrated fabric

The last time I went on a beach trip, the mosquitoes and the cold breeze didn’t make it a good experience for me. And, the fact that I didn’t have any blankets in my baggage added to the discomfort. However, if I had a malong with me, I wouldn’t be in such a terrible situation.

Malong is an underrated fabric

This wrap-around tubular garment is used mainly by the Maranao and Maguindanao in the southern part of the Philippines. A malong measures about 165 x 165 cm and is traditionally handwoven by women using a backstrap loom. Going back in history, the Maranao weavers adapted Indian patterns from silk textiles. These textiles arrived in the Philippines and are woven into wedding saris and worn during ceremonies, especially weddings, and for everyday clothing by both men and women.

So, what else can a malong do?

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Since it is tubular, it has a hole inside. This feature allows you to use it as a cape. Another is a headgear that can protect you from the sun’s harsh heat. With a few pulls and folds, it can turn into a bag. It is large so you can probably fit a good weight of different things. From foods like vegetables and fruits, as well as your essentials. And, it doesn’t end there yet!

Using a stick or a rod, you can use a malong as your curtain. Just insert the bar in the hole of the malong, which would serve as a decent improvise. Another purpose of this fantastic and historic cloth is that it could serve as your blanket during trips. You can also use it during a picnic as a matting where everyone can gather and sit around.

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Of course, when you’re on a beach or in a public place, and you need to change your outfit, there are times that the comfort rooms are full. Well, worry less because a malong can save you the hassle. You can use it as your improvised dressing room by sneaking inside the hole and having a companion hold the upper hem. It is thick and usually dark in color, so you don’t have to worry about changing clothes in a public place.

It can serve many purposes, and you can find it in online stores like Shopee, Lazada, etc. Therefore, you would not have difficulty finding one for your personal use. Overall, it is up to you how you would be creative in using a malong.

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