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Magic Fingers: Easiest Way to Tie your Shoelaces!

Magic Fingers: Easiest Way to Tie your Shoelaces!

Bored with the same old method of retying your shoes? Worry no more because we’re about to show you a cool and easy way to tie your shoelace in just a couple of seconds. All you need is patience and a pair of your favorite shoes!

Shoelace, also called bootleg or shoestring, is a thin lace or string that we commonly use to fasten our footwear. It may not seem like much of a feat to tie your shoes, but those strands also do wonders. Not only does it make your foot comfy, but it also gives your clothing a little extra flair!

The ‘Magic Fingers’ method, which is also known as the ‘Ian Knot,’ is believed to have been invented by Ian Fieggen. He is also referred to as Professor Shoelace, who is the proprietor of the life-hacking website known as Ian’s Shoelace Site.

This method may help the knot last longer and cut the time it normally takes to tie one’s shoelaces.

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Easily fix up your shoelace by using the Magic Finger Method

1. To start, pull the lace in each hand.

2. Simply cross the laces over each other and pull to tighten, like the usual method.

3. Position your thumb and index finger in an “L” shape, facing down. Put three little fingers underneath. Just grab the lace close to the shoe as this will make it easier to pull out.

3. Wrap one index finger and thumb under the right shoelace. The left goes in the other direction, the finger first then the thumb. Make sure to twist enough.

4. Grab the opposite loops at the same time. Reach through the laces and pinch.

5. Gently pull the loops together. Make sure to tighten the laces to make sure that the knot will last, and you’re done!

Want to learn another shoe-tying method? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and let’s discuss it some other time!

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