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Loona takes a stand amid dispute

Loona takes a stand amid dispute

Chuu vs BlockBerry Creative dispute blew up in flames with an alleged power play and Loona members’ request for contract termination.

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Following Chuu’s sudden removal from Loona, the remaining nine members filed an application for an injunction to suspend their contracts with BlockBerry Creative. Although denied by the company, JBTC Entertainment News reports the said decision of the nine members, Heejin, Haseul, Yeojin, Kim Lip, Jinsol, Choiri, Eve, Gowon, and Olivia He, in an exclusive coverage on November 28. Excluding Vivi and Hyunjin, the girl group comes to terms with the end of their era.

It has been confirmed that the nine members made this decision after judging that the relationship of mutual trust, which is the premise of the contract, has collapsed and it has reached the point where it is difficult to expect management work and entertainment activities based on cooperation.

JBTC Entertainment News

Chuu’s Alleged Power Play

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On November 25, BlockBerry Creative released a statement announcing Chuu’s expulsion from Loona due to her alleged “violent language and misuse of power” towards a staff. While the management apologized to the fans and staff, they disappointingly failed to protect their artist’s reputation.

They provided,

After recently being told of Chuu’s violent language and misuse of power toward our staff, the truth was found upon investigation. Agency representatives are apologizing and comforting staff, and we have decided to take responsibility for this and remove Chuu from LOONA.

However, BlockBerry Creative added in another statement that the announcement was not meant to expose Chuu, but rather to publicize her “changed course of action and the reason for her removal.” Moreover, the company asked the public to refrain from making “malicious comments or rumors that defame the company,” as they claimed that both the staff and Chuu agreed to release it. However, Chuu denied it and took it to Instagram stating she has “not received any contact regarding this series of situations.”

I’m currently grasping the situation, but what I’m sure of is that I haven’t done anything that would be shameful to my fans. In the future, as my position is decided, I will share another statement.


While the company avoids providing specific evidence, fans and other staff members defend Chuu’s innocence by speaking up on behalf of Loona’s known vocalist. Orbits (Loona’s fan name) on Twitter also shared their utter disbelief in the company’s statement. Some even revealed BlockBerry Creative’s mistreatment of their artist.

The falling-out between the BlockBerry Creatives and Chuu started last year in December. Chuu filed a request for a temporary injunction to suspend her 7-year contract with the company, but the court partially granted this just last March. This permitted her to appear in shows and conduct her own activities outside the management’s discretion.

First Praised K-Pop Disbandment

Meanwhile, as many grieve the sudden ousting, others rather see this as an opportunity to free the girls from BlockBerry Creative’s grip. Given their long-time altercation with Chuu, many fans have already expected this to happen. In fact, JBTC cited that the company has been struggling with financial problems since last year, causing the delay in Chuu’s pay from all their promotions.

This is most likely due to Blockberry Creative’s financial difficulties. Last year, the issue of not being able to pay the money to be paid to outsourcing companies and outside personnel who had been working together was raised. In addition, Chuu, who was the most active individual among Loona members, was also known to have not received a settlement, causing controversy. At the time, the agency did not express any position.

JBTC Entertainment News

Despite the celebration, Loona’s Hyunjin expressed her resentment following the removal of her co-member through a global fan-artist platform.

Photo | Soompi

My head hurts; I’m so heartbroken and angry. But the most heartbroken one right now is Chuu. Please give her a lot of support and love.


With a heavy heart, perhaps it is truly the best option for Loona to disband and move on in their separate ways.

These 12 girls deserve more with their amazing vocals, synchronized choreographies, and breathtaking visuals. Whether the girls officially leave BlockBerry Creative or not, Loona would never be the same after this. Loona will forever be 12!

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