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Life lately has been unclear – here’s what we can do

Life lately has been unclear – here’s what we can do

When I was younger, I used to think that by the time I turn 25, I’d be a successful adult. Thriving in the path she’d taken, certain of her abilities – of herself. I was so full of zest, of hopes, that I clung to that belief. So at 21, when I am not even close to what and who I thought I’d become, my fear grew. I started fearing the possibility of not being good enough – of not getting somewhere, anywhere.

Especially with the world – and our lives – taking a sudden shift towards digitalization, it’s getting even harder to not want to question yourself:

Do I really belong here? Will I ever be good enough? What if this is not really what I wanted in life?

Acknowledge that you are not alone in your struggles.

Browsing through social media amidst the COVID-19 pandemic meant witnessing that suddenly, only a few felt accomplished – okay. Instead, filled with endless questions about what-has-beens and what could be’s a lot of us are lost.

You start losing sight of your passion. You drown in jealousy, pressure, and doubt as you witness people your age thriving. But you know what? What you’re feeling is a valid response to the health insecurity we’re facing.

Stop exhausting yourself trying to keep up.

Often, you might feel as if you are lagging behind as the rest of the world speeds up, but you know what? It’s not half bad to take a moment to breathe. Allow yourself to take a step back and assess what picture it is you really are trying to paint – you are good enough as you are.

Know that you are more than what your circumstances allow you to be.

Shifting towards the big world in your mid-20s or feeling stuck in your early 30s can be scary. This period of uncertainty might feel like it’s taking everything away from you: your self-esteem, your grit, and even your sense of control, but you have to try and look at another angle as you can only go as far as you set your mind to.

If you feel content with your life at the moment, then that’s good! But if not, if you’re struggling, know in your heart that today won’t define the entirety of your tomorrow.

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Be kind to yourself, at least.

The hard times won’t pass easily. Maybe when it does, it won’t be the last (well, I guess that’s just life), but there’s calmness in acknowledging what you can do, and cannot do yet.

As life takes you in circles, trying to figure out what’s the right puzzle piece, don’t forget to take it easy on yourself.

Allow yourself to learn and to grow, and trust that what is supposed to be, will be – exactly in your right time.

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