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Kim Seon Ho in talks to lead a new drama by ‘Suspicious Partner’ writer

Kim Seon Ho in talks to lead a new drama by ‘Suspicious Partner’ writer

A lot of netizens got the second lead syndrome and obsessing how Seo Dal-Mi should end up with Han Ji-Pyeong instead of Nam Do-San. Kim Seon Ho (Han Ji Pyeong) was successful in stealing hearts as a ‘Good Boy’. People made fandoms about him after discovering him through this hit Netflix drama, Start-Up.

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Kim Seon Ho’s time for spotlight

However, he actually starred in some Korean dramas. He shifted from theater to TV just three years ago and then landed on different small roles in various genres. This 34-year old charming actor seems versatile enough to do it all whether comedy, romance, drama and even reality TV!

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And as good news to all Kim Seon Ho fans, we will be seeing more of this cutie in the future. There’s a report that said he is currently in talks about his possible new show. This time, he’ll be playing the leading man role.

According to the source, the Hallyu actor has received an acting proposal for the upcoming tvN drama, Link. His agency, Salt Entertainment. This news got confirmation with this statement:

“Kim Seon Ho received an offer to star in the tvN’s new drama Link. We feel cautious about giving an exact statement at the moment as Kim Seon Ho is still filming ‘Start-Up,’ but he will thoroughly review the script.”
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If even Seon Ho accepts this casting offer, he will star as a chef named Eun Gye Hoon. This character established his own restaurant where his twin sister disappeared 20 years ago. But one day, Gye Hoon found himself full of so many emotions. He randomly cries and laughs. Apparently, he’s experiencing feelings of a girl named Noh Da Hyun.

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The drama is titled “Link” and rumors say that Kwon Ki-Young will write this drama. He is the writer behind I Remember You and Ji Chang Wook’s 2017 series, Suspicious Partner. Meanwhile, Director Noh Sang-Hoon (producer of I Remember You) will direct this new show. They are targeting to air it in the first half of 2021.

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Needless to say, we’re pretty much excited about this good boy’s upcoming show!

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