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Kalinaw sa Kalawakan— A Breath of Fresh Air Away From the Busy

Kalinaw sa Kalawakan— A Breath of Fresh Air Away From the Busy

Ah, kalinaw! Something we’re all hoping for before this grueling year ends.

Don’t you just love the Christmas season but absolutely hate the chaos that it brings to the city?

And don’t we all long for a break from the traffic, pollution, noise, and hassles?

So, who’s up for the ultimate holiday vacation? Because Kalinaw is only a few hours away!

In Cebuano, peace is referred to as kalinaw. That pretty much sums up the name Kalinaw sa Kalawakan— your peace in this world of chaos, your home of reconnection.

And so the peace begins

Photos by: Kalinaw sa Kalawakan

Now, imagine yourself in a quiet and peaceful place, overlooking the view of Sierra Madre under the vast sky full of stars with the crackling sound of the campfire.

Meaningful conversations and jamming with friends, simply enjoying each other’s company.

That’s the perfect way to put Kalinaw sa Kalawakan into words!

Sorry, TLC. I chased the waterfall.

TLC said, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls,” but they didn’t say to not chase literal ones.

So, don’t think twice and explore the nearby attractions around the campsite

Photo Courtesy: @ironwulf – Talon Pari Falls, DRT, Bulacan

You can not only take in the scenery of Sierra Madre, but you can also go waterfall chasing at Talon Pari Falls.

Photo Courtesy: @lilanggala

The grassy knolls of Tila Pilon, also termed the Chocolate Hills of Bulacan, are ideal for an easy day hike.

It’s perfect for those who enjoy taking walks in nature without having to spend too much energy while also reducing stress.

These are just a few of the many tourist attractions you could perhaps visit, such as Balistada Hills, Gulod Paradise, Mt. Lawad Park Adventures, and Tangke River.

‘Kulayan na ang drawing’ with the barkada!

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It’s true what they say that there’s no wi-fi in the mountains, but you won’t find a better connection anywhere else.

That being said, the campsite already has a cell signal for Globe and TM networks, so you can share your IG-worthy pics in real-time!

Camping with friends underneath the stars by the log fire is what #BarkadaGoals are made of.

Pahinga Muna

Photos by: Kalinaw sa Kalawakan

Your pahinga getaway wouldn’t be complete without these special kubo rooms named Yakap, Pahinga, and Maligaya.

You could also spend the night in one of their tents, Karamay, Kapiling, or Kasama.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

Detach from the city’s chaos and maybe bring your pahinga for yakapful morning and nights para maligaya!

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