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It’s okay to change your stance: Looking from other perspectives

It’s okay to change your stance: Looking from other perspectives

As citizens, it’s important to not be neutral, most especially if something’s not right at a certain moment. That gives people the choice to choose a stance in accordance with their beliefs and values. Moreover, it’s also possible that you can change your stance as soon as you mature as your dynamic mindset can change from time to time.

Years ago, you may have become a supporter of something you do not fully support now. And, that’s okay, because it’s utterly important to look at the bigger picture to finally decide which ones will be more ethical for you to believe. Looking at the other perspectives helps in attaining a bigger understanding of things.

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Having an open mind plays a bigger role in shaping society more than you know. Being intelligent and open enough to handle the truth and to finally organize your thoughts of what you must support helps society have a better environment.

It’s truly ideal to have everyone be able to accept more truths and change their stance instead of being a solid and cult-like fanatic of something. That is one thing you can do to make a change and that is to be okay in changing your stance.

Changing your stance won’t make you less of a person, because you’re open to the truth.

You don’t have to take everything personally if someone doesn’t agree with your statement. No, it’s not because we’re naturally different. However, as long as they don’t use ad hominem statements or other fallacies that make the person’s statement invalid, you can continue to discuss with them. After all, attaining comprehension and the ability to accept the truth without getting offended is ideal in shaping the society that we are in.

Life is a continuous learning process, so never be ashamed to learn more things from people. It’s okay to change your stance as long as you base it on concrete facts.

Be wary of what you support and believe, but also, be open to more points of view before you decide which stance you can proudly take.

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