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INSTAGRAM RAID: Miguel Romulo’s aesthetically kilig photos with Rei Germar

INSTAGRAM RAID: Miguel Romulo’s aesthetically kilig photos with Rei Germar

If there are stage moms, then there are stage boyfriends and Miguel Romulo is the perfect example.

The beau of popular YouTuber and content creator Rei Germar, “Migy” is the man behind both the cameras and every step of Rei’s growing career.

Devoted and ever supportive, Migy, despite being a budding YouTuber himself, shares his life with Rei mostly in a series of photos that takes #CoupleGoals on another level.

If you’ve been following him on Instagram, then you would know that he takes mighty fine photos while editing some to perfection.

Rei, with her line of work, has been captured by some of the country’s top and well-known photographers. However, it sure does hit differently when your partner can keep up and even outsold all of them.

To prove this, we took the liberty to check his well-curated Instagram profile. Here are some of his posts that will make you want to fall in love and find your own Migy too!

Beach Babes

It wouldn’t be a Rei and Migy photo without a beach in the background now, wouldn’t it?

A staple photo on his feed, this one was taken 2 years ago in El Nido, Palawan with Migy giving us a perspective on what his ideal trip would look like.

With the scenic sunset, the crashing waves while hand-in-hand with his favorite person for a view, they’re living in their own world and we’re here admiring it.

Mosque Musings

UAE boasts some of the most beautiful places to visit as featured in one of Rei’s vlogs. One of them was the Seikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

These breathtaking photos of Rei within the Mosque while wearing a traditional Shayla and Abaya ensemble are too immaculate to look at.

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A post shared by Miguel Romulo (@migyromulo)

Keeping her bougie aesthetic while paying respect to the culture as one comment from her video points out, we couldn’t agree more!

Bali Beauty

For this photo, the couple went on a trip to Bali, which is known for being a mediative tropical paradise.

Feeling her element, Migy fully encapsulates Rei in her tranquil and divine state.

Seeing this photo makes us want to go on a vacation right now!

Quirky but Sweet

While Migy isn’t the photographer for this one, the vibe and especially the caption is too cute not to include.

Known to have a funny way of expressing his love to Rei publicly, Migy would always find a way to make our hearts melt and laugh at the same time.

At this point, I think we all need a comedic but loving man like Migy, right?

How does he edit his photos?!

The most asked question that Migy often receives, he has already addressed this on his Twitter providing a short and simple explanation.

Now that’s answered, go get your boo (or find one first) and start recreating or making your own Rei and Migy inspired photos as well!

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