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Instagram Raid: Barbie Ferreira wears her confidence

Instagram Raid: Barbie Ferreira wears her confidence

Have you heard about the recent news regarding Barbie Ferreira leaving the cast of Euphoria? Well, she will not be returning for the third season of the said series, which means no more Kat. To be honest, I think Euphoria will never be the same without the stylish and confident Kat. Although not perfect, for me, her character also paved the way for big women to be confident about their bodies.

Barbie Ferreira | Photo taken by: Maude Apatow

Meanwhile, she embraces her body with so much appreciation—a true inspiration for a fat girl like me. And, I believe her confidence will also inspire many people to be positive and loving of their own bodies. Since we will not be seeing her in Euphoria, I decided to raid Barbie Ferreira’s Instagram as a mini homage. Everyone deserves to learn about her body positivity.

Therefore, without further ado, let us all witness Barbie Ferreira as she wears her confidence.

Barbie, the actress

Besides being a gorgeous model, Barbie Ferreira also works as an actress in the United States of America. She famously played Kat Hernandez, one of the teen characters in the HBO drama series Euphoria. Again, although not perfect, her character Kat represented plus-sized women who deserve to feel powerful about their bodies. 

We can say that Kat gains confidence in wearing her style, not hiding her body. Kat speaks so much about Barbie’s body positivity as she also wears whatever clothes that satisfy her. And, she flaunts her body with authenticity and self-confidence.

Barbie, the fashion extraordinaire

In September 2021, Barbie Ferreira made her Met Gala debut wearing an exquisite pearl-encrusted gown by designer Johnathan Simkhai. She graced the red carpet charming everyone with her gorgeous body, empowering confidence, and top-model energy. Truly, she slayed her breathtaking Met Gala look just like how she always pulls off all of her outfits effortlessly.

Barbie, the body goalz

In December 2019, Barbie Ferreira celebrated her birthday by visiting the magnificent Turtle Island in Fiji. She posted several photos of her beach looks including a bikini that emphasized her beautiful curves. Barbie proved that not only can she slay any outfit, but she can also make the beach look more inviting.

Meanwhile, she has posted other bikini looks on her Instagram account before, showing her gorgeous body. For instance, she sported a bright blue bikini when she went to Brazil.

Barbie, just Barbie

Without a doubt, Barbie Ferreira can put on any clothes and make them ten times better flawlessly. She proved herself a true fashion goddess when she slayed in a plain sleeveless top and pants. She also paired up her wardrobe with designer sky-blue platform slide sandals and black sunglasses. Truly, she continues breaking the norms of beauty standards by confidently wearing her true skin.

Barbie Ferreira always carries herself with unwavering beauty and badass energy. She wears stunning ensembles, but the most powerful she has ever worn has to be her self-confidence and body positivity. Hence, check Barbie on Instagram for style inspo, positive vibes, and courage!

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