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INSTAGRAM DEEP-DIVE: Steffi Aberasturi and her Miss Universe Philippines journey

INSTAGRAM DEEP-DIVE: Steffi Aberasturi and her Miss Universe Philippines journey

Steffi Aberasturi Miss Universe Philippines

Steffi of Cebu Province has everything you’re looking for a beauty queen. She’s gorgeous, tall, can walk the runway, and most importantly, she promotes women empowerment.

To know more about her, let’s visit her Instagram page and explore the beauty of the lady from the province of Cebu. Most specifically, her journey to the Miss Universe Philippines crown.

Time to get this party started!

For her first post about the journey, Steffi posted a beautiful glowing image of her gazing at the camera.

What impressed me the most about this is how she continuously empowers not only herself but her fellow candidates. Talk about women empowerment!

Her caption read,

“I am very fortunate to share the same goal with 99 other outstanding and beautiful Filipinas who are just as excited as I am to make a difference and inspire.

Bringing together all these women from all over the Philippines, with different advocacies and stories to tell, proves that @themissuniverseph is beyond just a competition – It is a celebration! Cheers and congratulations to us ladies!”

Beautiful Headshot Challenge

For this challenge, the beauty queen posted a photo of her with very minimal makeup. Here, she explained the importance of taking care of one’s skin.

As an advocate for uplifting other women, a part of her caption read,

“Ultimately, when you feel comfortable in your skin, you radiate. I want to inspire other women to own it and be proud and confident with or without make-up.”

When the lashes are stripped out and the heels are off

This post of the Cebu Province princess really put a smile on my face. She shared herself outside of the pageant.

Steffi showed things like her being a “Queendera”—a beauty queen, and a tindera—her being a farm girl, and her love for animals.

She has shared a lot, but again, never failed to uplift her fellow candidates by talking about their own out-of-the-pageant fun facts. Wow, this queen is such a role model to young girls.

Making it to the Top 75

Well, yey! In here, she posted a fierce photo of her in her nude swimsuit. And guess what, she’s part of the top 75 candidates!

I was about to say “runway,” but guys, it is the expressway. This video is breathtaking. Her walk is everything and you can really tell that she has all it takes to take the crown. How amazing is she?


We made history! Proud and honored to be the first Cebuana to strut on the soon to open Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway…in HEELS!❤️

Making the cut to the Top 30

What can we say? She’s got it. Of course, she’ll be able to reach the top 30. More power to this gorgeous and admirable woman.

This photo shows her versatility. She rocked the short hair and the whole high-fashion look.

The beauty of Cebu

Steffi definitely showcased the beauty of the Cebu Province with her tourism video.

First day in the pageant bubble

The beauty queen shared a photo of her wearing the Cebu Province sash and also meeting her fellow candidates for the first time.

Steffi detailed how surreal it is to finally have the sash and represent Cebu Province. She also didn’t forget to mention her newfound friends in the candidates, and also her guiding Sto. Nino.

I can’t help but be more excited because of how amazing this lady is. Let’s support her and her fellow contestants as they try to reach that crown!

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