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INSTAGRAM DEEP DIVE: Kisses Delavin and her Miss Universe Philippines journey

INSTAGRAM DEEP DIVE: Kisses Delavin and her Miss Universe Philippines journey

Kisses Delavin IG raid Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Kisses Delavin has proved herself worthy of the Miss Universe Philippines title. Over the past few weeks of being a candidate, she has shown a lot of different sides.

Kisses Delavin Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Now, we’re gonna explore more of that as we do a deep dive on her Instagram page. We’ll look at every moment she has captured and shared on her profile. Let’s get started!

First post about the Miss Universe Philippines pageant

As I visited her page, this is the first time I see her post about her journey towards the title. People in the comments section are flooding her with wishes of luck.

In a boomerang from a series of photos, she graced us with a beautiful white dress. It moved beautifully as she twirled. The succeeding images showed her in beautiful gowns, such as one royal blue creation.

Interestingly enough, she also showcased her adorable puppies named Coffee, Sugar, and Cookie. How adorable!

As sweet as her name is (and all of her puppies’ names in that matter), she showed gratitude to her fans, the Kissables, for their never-ending support and kind words.

Voting for the pageant begins

The beauty queen asked for support from her fans in getting their votes. She is Miss Universe Philippines delegate #66 Kirsten Danielle Delavin from Masbate. This is so exciting!

Swimsuit photos and an adorable additional

Kisses shared photos of her donning a stunning cream-colored swimsuit and paired it with gorgeous silver high heels.

In a series of photos, if you swiped right for more, you will see an adorable young Kisses in her pink one-piece, as well.

Being part of the Top 75 candidates

The actress can’t help but show her excitement as she shared some good news. The post read,

“Dear Universe, thank you for conspiring to bring me at this moment.

The Lady From Masbate 💋

On the other hand, One Mega columnist, Janeena Chan, wrote,

“Your excitement is so contagious!!!!! 💜💜💜”

And it is, indeed!

Horseback riding for tourism video

The beauty queen shared behind-the-scenes footage of her riding a horse for her Miss Universe Philippine tourism video. In the video, people can be heard cheering for her, impressed at how great she is at taming the animal.

Her post read,

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“So much art to make. So much people to get to know and love. So much dreams to fulfill and places to see. But in this moment, the now is all there is. It’s all we have. Hold it close.


Day one in the pageant bubble

Kisses shared a mirror shot of herself wearing her sash, which read “Masbate”, for the first time. As a day of many firsts, this is also the first time she will meet her fellow candidates.

“Hello Universe, this is it! I am now officially locked in for the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant! We are getting closer and closer! Avail your tickets now at the link in my bio! Thank you for all the love…”

She had special mentions from her mom and dad, tagging their usernames in the post.

As of writing, these are the only moments she shared on her Instagram profile. However, I can’t help but feel excited for this promising lady. Let’s support her, as well as the other candidates.

The coronation for Miss Universe Philippines 2021 is fast approaching. This is exhilarating!

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