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In Times of Calamities: How can you help?

In Times of Calamities: How can you help?

A natural calamity is an actual occurrence of a natural hazard that causes harm to society. There are many natural calamities that damage the environment and the people living in it. Examples of these calamities are earthquakes, typhoons, floods, landslides, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and even avalanches in snowy places.

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Calamities can be stressful. One of these is the ‘typhoon’ that’s so prevalent in our country as we are located beside the Pacific Ocean. Not only does it directly affect the environment but the people as well. Moreover, it can be equally stressful if the calamity happens close to your home, or affects people whom you know.

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But no matter if we know who the people are or not, who the victims of the calamity are, it is important to lend them a helping hand. And here are the basic things you can lend them if you want to help.

Blankets and clothes

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            Calamity victims are in need of blankets and spare clothes. It’s because their own things might have been lost already, or they did not have enough time to save it. Donating some spare blankets and clothes will really help them survive for the meantime.

Ready-to-eat goods and water

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            Aside from blankets and clothes, another donation you can give is water and ready-to-eat goods. This includes biscuits, canned goods, and noodles. Since victims may not or barely save their things, it is important to give them goods that can be easily eaten and aid their hunger, and of course, water if they are thirsty.

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Hygiene products and infant items

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            If you are planning to donate to calamity victims, just like how important the food is, it is also essential to give them hygiene products so they can still take good care of themselves and be clean so they can prevent having any sickness. Also, infant items are vital as we can’t rule out the possibility that there may be an affected family with an infant.

In times of calamities, it’s always good to find other ways to help or even raise donations. We can always do something that matters if we turn our sympathy into action that will help those who are in need.

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