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HIGHLIGHTS: The First Two Episodes of Running Man Philippines

HIGHLIGHTS: The First Two Episodes of Running Man Philippines

This may be everyone’s newest favorite show. Running Man is the longest-running variety show in South Korea. First aired in July 2010, the show still bears popularity in its origin country and even, internationally. This comes as no wonder as the cast has undeniable chemistry. They know what entertainment is and always have fun creative challenges. The current members include Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Jee Seok-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo, Jeon So-min, and Yang Se-chan

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Running Man sold its franchise across Asia. Of course, these include China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The variety show in the country aired last weekend, September 3 and 4 on GMA Network. Glaiza De Castro, Ruru Madrid, Mikael Daez, Lexi Gonzales, Buboy Villar, Kokoy De Santos, and Angel Guardian joined the official cast. Together, they flew to South Korea to start their adventure on who will be the Best Running Man Agent among them.

Check out the highlights of the first two episodes of Running Man Philippines that will make you entertain:

1. Glaiza, hoarding the Hangul magnets

For the first challenge to the cast of Running Man Philippines, they need to collect magnets that would spell out their name in Hangul or the Korean alphabet. Glaiza is the first member who went to find magnets. However, she forgot her name in Korean translation. Thus, she resorted to hoarding almost all the magnets that she first saw on the table. 

We cannot blame her for her name in Korean being so long that is difficult to remember without some copy. But Glaiza as Pirena of Encantadia, wrote the Korean characters on her thigh to complete the challenge. You sly, Glaiza! Or should I say, you slay!

2. Ruru and his competitive nature

A Running Man show would never be complete without a cast member who is highly competitive in playing the challenges. In the Philippine franchise, Ruru Madrid is that one member. He displayed his competitive nature at the second challenge where he displayed his strength in removing the name tag of Buboy Villar.

It’s a fun and entertaining scene for how Buboy tried to resist him the best that he can. But, Ruru is obviously merciless in tackling him on the ground to win the round.

3. Mikael nailing the Korean archery

A plot twist occurred in the second challenge for Mikael Daez is the moment. Ruru Madrid teaches Lexi Gonzales how to properly position herself when playing archery. It can be seen that Mikael silently takes note of the teachings from Ruru and as a result of it, he managed to hit the bull’s eye!

The other members are shocked because he is the only one who got a perfect shot. While other members, except Angel Guardian, didn’t get any score at all.

4. Just keep swimming, Lexi

Flying chairs is one of the iconic challenges to exist in the Running Man franchise. However, the famous chair betraying Lexi Gonzales is one of the funniest encounters in the local adaptation. Look how Lexi flew farther away than Angel Guardian who’s originally part of the Yellow Team.

The cast members cannot help themselves but make fun of it. Kokoy even laughed harder. Only episode 2, yet the flying chair already had its victim. So, Lexi embraces Dory’s attitude and just keep swimming!

5. Fly high, Buboy!

Buboy Villar has got to be the funniest cast member of Running Man Philippines. But, the main highlight of his comedic scenes? It’s him flying in the second challenge. He did really try his best to escape the wrath of Ruru, yet, his best try backfired on him.

Starting from his introduction, he is already funny. The moment where he paddles in a boat; showing his callus on the foot; looking like a newborn baby from the unboiled egg on his face; and many more!

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6. Kokoy, a leading man in K-drama

Running Man Philippines has its own K-drama-like, starring Kokoy De Santos and Angel Guardian. In the first challenge, the two are in a separate locations to accomplish their mission. It also seems like Kokoy embodies a leading man as they walk in the mural village.

The members even teased the two with their ‘romance.’ Meanwhile, the fans cannot help themselves but ship the two. Definitely, they are the love team in the whole bunch.

7. Angel is a true dark horse

Don’t be deceived by her name, Angel Guardian, because she is the dark horse of the cast members. Currently, she is the lead runner towards achieving the Best Running Man Agent title. A highlight that surprises the members and the viewers.

Angel earned five R-Badges and so far, she removed two name tags in their last mission: tags of Mikael and Lexi. What luck and skills, Angel!

The previous two episodes of Running Man Philippines had been successful! It garnered high TV ratings with 14.1 on its pilot episode, while 14.3 ratings on the following day.

You can watch Running Man Philippines every Saturday at 7:15 PM and Sunday at 7:50 PM on GMA Network. But if you still have not watched the episodes from the last week, you can find the recorded live stream on YoüLOL Youtube Channel.

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