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Here are the things you need to do to get your hair to hold the curls

Here are the things you need to do to get your hair to hold the curls

I used to have long hair. However, I cut it all off and one of the reasons why revolves around the difficulty of styling them. The thing is, even when I want to curl them, the curls just won’t hold. Then, I gave up and went for a pixie cut. As of right now, on the other hand, I am planning on making them grow longer again. So, I started looking for ways to help me out when it comes to styling them. 

That’s when I found these things that I actually need to do to get my hair to hold the curls:

I want to have those perfect curls that all those beautiful women have on Instagram and Pinterest. They have gorgeous curled locks and probably spent an hour or more in front of the mirror. They twirl it around a scalding hot iron and create a perfect curl. Then, they brush it off into the dreamy waves that I really really really want to have. 

Apparently, I’m not using the right tools. 

Watching lots of articles and YouTube tutorials told me that there’s more to curling my hair than just the random curling iron that we bought at a random beauty chain store. According to these articles and tutorials, I need to upgrade my iron to something higher quality with ceramic plates. That way, the heat actually curls my hair all the way through.

I also didn’t need an iron with anything over 300 degrees and I should never set it above 400 degrees. According to theeverygirl, I also need to pay attention to the size of the barrel of the iron that I’m using. When it comes to short hair, the thinner the barrel, the more effective it will be. Aside from that, I also need to do smaller sections for the perfectly tousled waves that I actually want. 

I have to prep my hair. 

The preparation before curling the hair is as important as the work of actually curling them. So, I have to get my hands on either a mousse, a heat protectant, a hair spray, and/or a dry texture spray. That way, the curls would actually stay on my head rather than sliding off. 

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Curling from the bottom to the top is actually a no-no. 

So, I have to curl the top of my hair first before actually going to the bottom part. This actually makes sense and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place. Apparently, when I curl from the bottom, the curls are tighter at the bottom than it is at the top. Then, it weighs down the hair closest to the scalp and makes the curl slide off faster. 

Holding the curls in place is a must. 

Apparently… and, I feel so dumb not knowing this, curls don’t set until they cool. So, why they’re still hot, I have to pin them to my head. I can just use either bobby pins or clips. Then, I have to spray my hair while they’re setting and the curls will stay on my hair. I also need to avoid having too clean hair. It doesn’t have the grit and it won’t have the oil that my hair actually needs. Curls work best with texture. 

So, that’s final. I’m growing my hair longer and I will definitely try these out to have those perfect curls.

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