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Visiting the top-rated cities in Thailand with AirAsia

Visiting the top-rated cities in Thailand with AirAsia

Dubbed one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it’s no secret that Thailand is home to some truly spectacular places. And, it’s been a long time since we visited the country. As a country of contrasts, Thailand has soft white beaches, cosmopolitan cities, grand palaces, ancient temples, and hiking trails. Thankfully, AirAsia and Tourism Thailand invited Village Pipol Magazine for a five-day trip to the country. 

Visiting the top-rated cities in Thailand with AirAsia

We visited two cities in Thailand with AirAsia. We went to Bangkok, a bustling metropolis where metal and glass skyscrapers sit next to centuries-old temples. Aside from that, we also went to Pattaya. Although it’s better known for its raucous nightlife, it also offers so much more. It has water activities, a four-kilometer-long sandy seashore, and plenty of hiking opportunities. 

Day 1

Don Mueang International Airport | Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15

The media arrived at the Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok last Tuesday, December 6. Then, we went through immigration and purchased sim cards for a seamless transaction. Then, we went to Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 in Bangkok to check in.

Located in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District, its key features include personalized service and comfortably appointed accommodation with 363 rooms. It surrounds lush tropical foliage replete with cascading waterfalls, hanging gardens, and an iconic central Plumier Lelawadee tree.

Aside from that, it also has an elegant all-day dining restaurant with a live cooking station that prepares beautiful Thai and international delicacies. Plus, it has a breathtaking rooftop bar and pool which offers panoramic views over Bangkok. 

Day 2

Wat Suthat Thepwararam

Wat Suthat Thepwararam is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. It is a royal temple of its first grade, one of ten such temples in Bangkok and twenty-three in Thailand. It has an elegant prayer hall with sweeping roofs, magnificent murals, and exquisite hand-carved teakwood door panels.

Aside from that, it also has a towering red Giant Swing that stands at the entrance. When visiting the royal temple, you must follow the appropriate dress code as a sign of respect. That means no short tops, sleeveless shirts, shorts, and the like. 

Pak Khlong Talat

Pak Khlong Talat is a market in Bangkok that sells flowers, fruits, and vegetables. As the primary flower market of the city, it’s cited as a place of symbolic value to the residents. Along the Chak Phet Road, it is adjacent side streets close to the Memorial bridge. Although it’s open for 24 hours, the busiest time is before dawn when boats and trucks arrive with flowers from nearby provinces. 

The Floral Cafe Napasorn

We stopped for refreshments at The Floral Cafe Napasorn. It’s a two-decade-old florist that hides a secret. When you walk to the back and head up to a narrow crooked stairway, there are nooks and crannies filled with quirky knick-knacks. Eventually, when you head to the second floor, sumptuously decorated with oversized mirrors, bric-a-brac, and stands full of luscious pastries. You should grab a seat by the windows in the front and enjoy their cakes. The pastries and the coffee are definitely a must-try. 

Wat Arun Temple

Then, we boarded the boat to cruise along the river to visit the Wat Arun Temple or the Temple of Dawn. It’s a Buddhist temple that is named after the Hindu god, Aruna. He is the charioteer of the sun god, Surya. It is among the best-known of Thailand’s landmarks. And, the first light of the morning actually reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence.

Just like the former temples, you must wear culturally-appropriate clothing to visit. This means that you should wear trousers or long skirts and tops that cover your shoulders. See-through clothing is also not recommended to be worn inside the temple. That means no short tops, sleeveless shirts, shorts, and the like. 

The Never Ending Summer

The Never Ending Summer is a rustic Thai restaurant, situated near the Chao Phraya river. It offers authentic Thai cuisine passed on from generation to generation of the Duangrit Bunnag family. Aside from that, it also has a rejuvenated warehouse vibe and a prime riverside location. It operates in an airy room with soaring ceilings. Plus, traces of industrial characteristics are still present in the interior but are removed from minds by sophisticated modern furnishings. It houses gallery space, architectural offices, and a bookstore. 


ICONSIAM is a mixed-use development on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. This also includes one of the largest shopping malls in Asia which opened to the public in November 2018. The latest city of wonder brings together all aspects of unrivaled Thai wisdom including arts, culture, tradition, food, and way of life from 77 provinces across the country. Inside ICONSIAM, SOOKSIAM has also been conceived as a place that presents the cultural heritage of each of the four main geographic regions of Thailand, capturing their arts, handicrafts, performing arts, and local wisdom. 

Bangkok Night Bus Food Tour

You can go beyond the usual tourist straps and get the chance to immerse yourself in Bangkok’s cultural heritage with the Bangkok Night Bus Food Tour. It hops from station to station, giving you a chance to eat your way into the city’s vibrant local life with aromatic cuisine and its cultural significance. 

King Power Mahanakhon Tower

Standing 314.2 meters tall, the King Power Mahanakhon Tower is dubbed the tallest skyscraper in the Thai capital at the time of its completion in December 2016. It features the unconventional appearance of a glass curtain-walled square tower with a cuboid-surface spiral cut into the side of the building. The tower also features a hotel, retail and residences, and 200 units of The Ritz-Carlton Residences. 

It also has a skywalk that has a glass tray on the 78th floor. Perfect for adventure seekers, you can take a photo that stands on Bangkok’s glass tray with a bird’s eye view of the beautiful skyline below. It will be required to cover shoes with a disposable show cover. Aside from that, visitors will also be required to keep all loose items which include mobile phones and other items away from the glass tray. 

Day 3

A Journey to Amazing Thailand | Amazing New Chapters

The third day was filled with education and relaxation. Deputy Governor for International Marketing Mr. Tanes Petsuwan, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City Ms. Thitiphan Pettrakul, and AirAsia Philippines CEO Mr. Ricky Isla were present during the talk, A Journey to Amazing Thailand — Amazing New Chapters. The talk also listed down the 2023 plans for AirAsia, the route performance for Thailand, and the Digitalization of the Traveler Journey through AirAsia Super App. 

Divana Scentuara Spa

After some heavy snacks and a raffle draw, we went to Divana Scentuara Spa. The spa offers quite a lot of treatments which include the Thai massage that we got. for at least two hours. It welcomes you with a refreshing and soothing scent of essential oils upon your arrival. Aside from that, it also has a peaceful ambiance with a rustic chic vibe that will instantly relax you. You can feel the Thai hospitality from the friendly local staff that caters to your every need. 

Ozo North Pattaya

We ended the day by checking in at Ozo North Pattaya. It offers a beachside getaway and a playful space with a huge swimming pool for the whole gang of friends to hang out. The hotel offers either a city or an ocean view for rooms, suites, and family rooms. Aside from that, all snooze zones at Ozo North Pattaya are actually designed with the perfect night’s rest in mind. It has super soft beds, black-out curtains, and noise-proofing. 

Day 4

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

We started the day off with Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. The 500-acre botanical garden is a must-visit tourist attraction. It has two restaurants, a small zoo, and a hotel with a swimming pool and Thai-style rental houses on the grounds. The garden also has divisions which include the following.

  • French Garden
  • European Garden
  • Stonehenge Garden
  • Cactus and Succulent Garden
  • Variegated Plants
  • Ant Tower
  • Butterfly Hill
  • Orchid and Bromeliad Display Garden
  • Flower Valley

Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya

This is Thailand’s first space-themed hotel, allowing visitors and guests to experience the extraordinary world of space travel. There is a wide range of facilities that combine outer space design and innovative technology from cutting-edge facades.

See Also

It also has a spa which is called Let’s Relax Onsen & Spa. This is the country’s first sea view onsen where guests can discover their own serenity among the hustle and bustle of Pattaya city.

Aside from that, it also has a Space Convention Centre which is a cutting-edge technology for business travelers. It also features the latest LED technology screen, an eight-meter ceiling, and pillarless conference spaces. 

Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa

Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa is a premium lifestyle resort in the seafront city of Pattaya, Thailand. We sat in front of the beach and it was definitely an amazing view. It has a five-star service, a few dining options, and modern facilities. It also offers accommodations to the guests that help them relax with two outdoor swimming pools. Aside from that, it also has a kids’ pool and kids’ club. 

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is an unfinished museum in Pattaya, Thailand. Its structure is a hybrid of a temple and a castle that is themed on the Ayutthaya Kingdom and of Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. It is notably constructed entirely out of wood, specifically Mai Deang, Mai Takien, Mai Panchaat, and Teak. It also contains only wood-carved idols and sculptures. Since this is a temple, too. It also has a dress code of no short tops, sleeveless shirts, short pants, and the like. 

Sky Gallery

We ended the day and went to dinner at the Sky Gallery. It’s a place where the beautiful sky meets the passion for creating delicious dishes and the charm of the sea. The basis of our philosophy is the happiness of our customers of all gender and age. It also has good food and a great environment are what made up a happy life. For this saying to be fulfilled, good food must be beneficial for your health, too. In the middle of such relaxing surroundings of Pattaya sea, we provide you a delicious getaway from a crowded city and impress you with the art right in front of you, because “This is Where Beautiful Moment Belongs.”

Day 5

Pattaya Ocean Marina

We started the day at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. Established in 1995, it was founded under the love and passion for sailing and yachting. There was a vision in knowing that Thailand’s Gulf boasted some of the best sailing conditions. It is supported by optimal winds, beautiful islands, crystal clear waters, and sunny weather.


However, there was no marina for yacht lovers to access these features. Ocean Marina Yacht Club filled this void, and today stands as one of Asia’s largest marinas, one of the few that offers full facilities for yachts. We boarded the Catamaran, a multi-hulled watercraft that features two parallel hulls of equal size. 

Hat Sai Kaeo

Hat Sai Kaeo is a white sandy beach with clear waters. the most beautiful of the island. The length of the beach is about 800 meters. At Sai Kaeo Beach, guests can swim or just sit and relax and go have a meal on the beach. It’s also a perfect place to watch the sunset with a group of people that enjoys the same thing. 

Prego Pattaya

We had lunch at Prego Pattaya where anyone can create their own favorite pizza flavor with a special activity. You can also have fun making your own pizza recipe, from kneading the dough to decorating the pizza until it’s finally baked, as delicious as the chef’s skill. 

Coffee Beach Festival 2022

More than sixty cafes and food stalls joined the Pattaya Coffee on the Beach Festival 2022. Hosted on North Pattaya Beach, it was a must-visit for all coffee lovers and foodies. It fell on the same weekend that Pattaya’s Walk and Eat food festival started. And, we definitely found tasty local dishes and enjoyed the cultural events. 

It was definitely a fun five-day trip with AirAsia. And, Village Pipol Magazine would love to express our gratitude to the people involved! So, what are you waiting for? Visit Thailand now with AirAsia! 

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