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COVID-19: Digital artist conceptualizes coronavirus-inspired fashion

COVID-19: Digital artist conceptualizes coronavirus-inspired fashion

During the Luzon-wide quarantine, people are starting to have more time in showing off their creativity to inspire and bring light into the situation. Digital artist Gino Paul Lumpas reimagined and conceptualized a clothing line inspired from coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Of course, this features the everyday protective items that we use to battle and prevent the deadly disease.

Digital artist conceptualizes COVID-19-inspired fashion

Lumpas posted this creations on his Facebook account. Of course, netizens didn’t turn a blind eye to such creativity. It became a positive thing to come out of this Luzon-wide quarantine due to the deadly virus. The sketches lit up an excitement and admiration among most of the people who saw his sketches.


COVID-19 Collection by Gino Paul T. Lumpas

The Master of All.

Lumpas’ first design features a low-cut catsuit in neon yellow and grey with a tie-up detail at the front and a mesh lining along the legs. The model also had a grey cape that matches the similarly hued protective face mask. Of course, she accessorized with the iconic Body Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun that became a meme in the country.

Photo from Gino Paul Lumpas | Facebook

The Boss Babe. 

We, then, move on to another one of Gino’s COVID-19 design with a classy boss lady look. The green dress featured huge germ-like pattern and pleats that will be very hard to physically execute. With a high ponytail, the model looked absolutely exquisite especially with the triangular earrings that accentuates her face shape.

Photo from Gino Paul Lumpas | Facebook

The Everyday Look.

The germ-pattern didn’t leave his collection. With an all-violet outfit, he paired a hoodie with a mock turtleneck top. The model had a pair of drop-crotch knee-length pant with a similarly hued and patterned pair of shoes. He, then, completed the whole look with a fashionable gas mask to prevent COVID-19.

Photo from Gino Paul Lumpas | Facebook

The Red Carpet Fashion.

Lumpas reimagined the pattern through a purple and lavender look. She had a one-arm long sleeved top with a catsuit pant on the same side. She also had a little cut-out peep hole on her left side that would look perfect on a red carpet event. This could be perfect for an entertainer to wear on their concert or a performance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Photo from Gino Paul Lumpas | Facebook

The Streetwear Chic.

In a seemingly similar look with the male counterpart, Gino’s model had a red, violet, and white look. This could be perfect for a day at the office or a date night with the beau. She had a cropped wide-sleeved collared top and a similarly-patterned pencil skirt. Of course, you can’t forget about the protective mask in the same pattern to prevent COVID-19.

Photo from Gino Paul Lumpas | Facebook

The Classy and Casual.

The whole collection ended with a blue two-piece. Lumpas had his model in a blue cropped top with a floral-like germ pattern. He also paired it with a flowy sky blue skirt with floral appliqués. He didn’t forget about the protective face masks that could be an element to fight against the deadly virus.


Which one is your favorite one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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