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‘Hell Girl’ live-action is coming to PH cinemas this month

‘Hell Girl’ live-action is coming to PH cinemas this month

Hell Girl

Japanese live-action of Hell Girl is set for big screen in Philippines later this month as per Viewers Choice Philippines.

“What if there’s a way to bring your bully to HELL. Are you ready for the consequences? #HELLGIRL in theaters this February,” the video caption says together with the movie trailer.

Hell Girl or also known as “Jogoku Shoujo” is an anime back then 2005. FYI, this is a Japanese horror story about a mysterious website Hell Correspondence or Hotline to Hell. Run by demonic entity, those tormented and bullied people can request their bullied to be taken and dragged down to hell. Of course, everything has a price. Making such a pact with Hell Girl has a big price to pay — the person will also be taken to hell after they die.

Ai Enma is the character that will send the person to hell in exchange for a favor.

Koji Shiraishi directed the live-action adaptation, the same director of Sadako vs. Kayako and Impossibility Defense. While, Tina Tamashiro plays the role of Ai Enma.

The manga series have already a 3-part manga installment. In fact, Hell Girl’s live-action adaptation was first released in Japan last November.

Are you guys ready for Hell Girl?

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