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Jo Koy stars in ‘Kain Tayo’ — a Netflix Philippines social series

Jo Koy stars in ‘Kain Tayo’ — a Netflix Philippines social series

Netflix Philippines has released the first episode of Kain Tayo, a social series, starring Jo Koy. In each episode, he invites a friend over to share his favorite Filipino dishes as they watch the latest titles on Netflix together.

Aside from his funny commentary and love for local food, Jo gets personal and shares how his Filipino upbringing and experiences helped shape the way he relates to Netflix stories.

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In Episode 1, Jo and Liane Valenzuela, Jo’s friend and half-Filipina influencer, watch Sex Education Season 2 while they talk about the pains of growing up and “the talk” over a bowl of sinigang.

“Their life is like a bowl of sinigang. It’s delicious, but a little sour,” Jo Koy said.

“This is another soup that I don’t think any other Asian culture has. But it’s everything,” he added.

On the other hand, Liane shared that sinigang was her favorite dish, and that she felt like it was also “every kid’s favorite” — and we couldn’t agree more!

“It’s so good when you’re sick. The vegetables, it’s just healing. It’s just a healing soup,” she said.

In the video, Jo Koy also talked with Liane about the pains of growing up, and about “the talk” which he did not have when he was younger.

On Friday, Netflix Philippines announced in a press release that “Sex Education” Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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