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Get on Board: 3 South Korean disaster films you shouldn’t miss!

Get on Board: 3 South Korean disaster films you shouldn’t miss!

Already tired of watching romantic and horror films? Then maybe you should try disaster-genre films to get on your plate. From accidents to natural disasters, it also has many genres rolled into one: drama, thriller, and more!

Aside from their interesting plots, and incredible CG effects, these types of movies come in handy. You can get to learn survival know-hows in cases of emergency.

If you’ve already watched the iconic Korean films The Flu, Train to Busan, and Tidal Wave, then you’re on the right track! Hold on to your seats as here’s another set of disaster films to give you a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

Exit (2019)

Still cut from the movie | Image Source: Han Cinema

POV: You’re having fun celebrating with your family and then suddenly a mysterious gas breaks out in your place. What will you do? Director Lee Sang-geun will help you find out.

An unidentified man released a toxic gas from a large truck that soon began spreading through the city of Seoul which is killing every person that breathes it. That’s when the film leads us to the escape journey of former rock climbers Yong-nam (Jo Jung-suk) and Eui-joo (Im Yoon-ah) on their way to find their “exit”.

Throughout the film, the lead characters have been able to use their rock-climbing skills and rapport in problem-solving. There are scenes that show must-learn tactics such as doing SOS light signals and making use of available resources.

Tunnel (2016)

Still cut from the movie | Image Source: Han Cinema

If you’re claustrophobic, you might want to have a second thought but if you’re in, let’s start, shall we?

On his way to get home for her daughter’s birthday, Jung-soo (Ha Jung-woo) suddenly been trapped in a newly made Hado tunnel but collapsed due to its poor construction. Trapped with his battery-decreasing phone, two bottles of water, and a cake inside a confined space, how long can he be able to survive?

Before watching, you might want to prepare a box of tissue as unlike the previous this is a real tearjerker one. With Director Kim Seong-hun who helmed the works A Hard Day and Kingdom you’ll be expecting this to portray “tension and humour,” said the director himself.

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#ALIVE (2020)

Right on the same year of release of the highly anticipated sequel to Train to Busan, Peninsula, Director Cho Il-hyung took a brave take for another zombie flick.

Movie Poster | Image Source: Netflix

It unravels the story of Oh Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in), a tech-savvy live streamer who was trapped in an apartment complex in Seoul due to a spiral of a flesh-eating virus. As he struggles to continue on his own, he then met another tenant Kim Yoo-bin (Park-Shin-hye), and together they fought for their survival.

The film is quite relatable given the world’s current health crisis upon its release — forced into quarantine from a deadly virus. With the lead character’s notable uses of technology, zoomers might have fun watching the film.

Do you know other disaster films, too? Shared it with us!

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