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MUST-TRY: The Hype Behind Starbucks New Pink Drinks

MUST-TRY: The Hype Behind Starbucks New Pink Drinks

Who cannot love pink, right? That is why let’s discover the hype about the new Starbucks Pink Drinks, perfect for the summer season.

“On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink”, as the Mean Girls said but as for today, we cannot only wear pink we can also drink it not even on Wednesday. Starbucks has launched a new pretty pink in strawberry drinks and pastries to perfectly send off the summer season.

Starbucks Famous Pink Drinks

Finally, the internet famous Pink drink is here in the Philippines. There are two pink drink refreshers that you must try. First is the Strawberry Acai with Lemonade (P195 for Venti, P180 for Grande, and P165 for Tall) and then Pink Drink Strawberry Acai (P195 for Venti, P180 for Grande, and P165 for Tall).

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

What makes these pink drinks awesomely hype by the netizens? One thing for sure is because of the taste. The Strawberry Acai with Lemonade comprises strawberry and acai fruit juice, slices of strawberries, and lemonade. Moreover, it is said to contain caffeine that comes from fresh green coffee. You will taste real fruity goodness with this one.

The Pink Drink with Strawberry Acai has the same ingredients but the difference is that it is more flavorful and creamier because of additional coconut milk. It is the creamy counterpart.

These new pink refreshers are a must-try and it gives that pink barbie aesthetic that we love. These drinks deserve a place in our Instagram feed. #IGWorthy

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Along with these delicious refreshers, you can match it with Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake. A citrusy cheesecake dessert swirled with strawberry puree and topped with fruit and cream. Perfect match with the pink drinks.

Oatmilk Cocoa Series Comeback

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

In addition to these new releases, Starbucks also brings back the Oatmilk Cocoa series, which is the crowd favorite. The comeback of this beverage series features Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato (price range P205-P235), it is available in iced and hot. On the other hand, the cold Oatmilk Cocoa Frappuccino topped with plant-based whipped cream for only 195 o 225 pesos.

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If you are not into the pink strawberry drinks they have chocolate treats for a sweet tooth like you!

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks Philippine

The Chocolate Cherrific Cake (P205 per slice and P1,640 per whole), a rich chocolate cake filled with cherry compote and Banana Chocolate Cream Pudding (P125) has a plant-based vanilla cream custard, condensed oat milk, dark chocolate, and vanilla wafer.

Also, they serve Chunky Monkey Chocolate Cookie (P95) which is a soft cookie with oats, dark chocolate, bananas, and delicious Chocochip Brownies. This is for certified chocolate fans.

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks Philippine

Be refreshed and drink pink with these must-try pink drinks now. Good news for you, Starbucks’ new drinks and pasties are now available in every branch nationwide. You can enjoy it also anytime and anywhere because you can avail of it via Foodpanda and Grab food. Try it now because it is worth the hype!

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