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Fiji Blue turns the night blue in a live concert in Manila!

Fiji Blue turns the night blue in a live concert in Manila!

Fiji Blue turned Manila’s night blue with music that made the crowd dance, sing along, and cry last Thursday, November 17. This concert is his first in the country, following their Asian tour for the I Loved You, What Happened? EP. Lead singer Trevor Dering serenaded Filipino fans at the sold-out Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier, leaving them filled with emotions and wanting more.

Who is Fiji Blue?

Fiji Blue is the music lovechild of singer-songwriter Trevor Dering and music producer Valentin Fritz. The project was born at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. But, it wasn’t fully realized until the duo’s retreat to Los Angeles. Dering and Fritz soon created indie music inspired by various styles like blues and R&B, which they proclaim as sad boy chill house. Fast-forward to 2021, and their music reached 79.2 million streams and 10.9 million listeners on Spotify.

Fiji Blue turns the night blue in a live concert in Manila!

Photo | Moira Jozielle Sulit

Filipino fans excitedly filled the queues a few hours before the concert began. Samsung Hall was left without an unoccupied seat and the barricade holding back a wave of eager listeners. Fiji Blue started the night groovy with their hit song Affection, followed by the crowd-favorite Butterflies and Day by Day.

Dering then swooned the crowd and mellowed the vibe with the songs How Can I Tell You? and a tear-jerking rendition of Waves. Fans greeted the song with an almost melancholic demeanor, as the original version of the song played a more upbeat rhythm. This rendition, however, was far more personal and pulled the heartstrings of the once energetic crowd. Trevor mentioned that the song is for the people we love who we do everything for but they can’t help but argue over the smallest details.

Trevor expressed his love for the country multiple times throughout the show.

I’ve been waiting for this day for my entire life… I want to thank you guys a thousand more times.

Blue Magic

Photo | Moira Jozielle Sulit

In the middle of the show, Dering entertained a determined fan wanting to do magic for them. The fan who introduced himself as “Reggie” performed card tricks for Fiji Blue on stage, much to the amusement of the band and the crowd. Reggie earned a signed card for the trick, along with delightful applause from the crowd after blowing Trevor’s mind with sleight of hand and a mentalist-Esque prediction.

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Photo Moira Jozielle Sulit

Fiji Blue concluded the Manila concert with a mahal kita directed at the welcoming crowd. The fans asked for an encore after they thought the concert got cut short and were immediately obliged. A few of the lucky fans also got to meet the crew backstage, and a table was set for signing merch and a meet and greet. 

Despite being the end of the show, Dering showed interest in coming back to perform in the country.

I can say already before this show happened I told my manager like, we need to do multiple shows next time here…

The performance throughout the night charmed its way into the audience’s core memories. Fiji Blue shared their music in a two-hour performance but the result yielded fans for a lifetime. They gave guitar picks and drumsticks used in the concert to the audience for free before a quick flourish, marking the end of their stop in the Philippines.

Fiji Blue continues its Asian Tour to Bandung, Indonesia on November 19. Want to read more stories like this? Read more here!

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