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Everything You Need To Know About Sun Care & SPF

Everything You Need To Know About Sun Care & SPF

Filipinos cannot avoid the sun. I, for one, have always had naturally tanned brown skin. There are people who will continue to tell me that my skin is too dark. Of course, I agree. But, I no longer consider it an insult. I’ve begun to love my skin so much that I have considered it a compliment. Then, I don’t hesitate to offer that the sun loved me so much that it kissed me more than everybody else. 

As much as I love the sun, I don’t particularly love the potential damage that comes with it. I don’t particularly appreciate that the exposure to it might mean something bad for my skin health in the future. So, I try to find a balance between enjoying the sun and making sure my skin remains protected. Therefore, putting it as one of my top skincare priorities. 

Everything You Need To Know About Sun Care & SPF

Do not skip daily SPF.

Despite reminders to use sunscreen every single day, there are a lot of people who skip daily SPF which is the best anti-aging product offered. Sunscreen protects from UVA rays, the ones that accelerate signs of aging. UVA are the longer versions of the UV rays, meaning they can penetrate your skin more deeply. It affects collagen structure, transforming the normal triple helix structure, translating to visible skin changes. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us don’t go outside that often. So, you might think that you don’t need protection inside your home. However, even on cold and cloudy days, UV rays can still damage your skin. UVB rays may be blocked by windows. However, the longer wavelengths of UVA lead to skin aging, sunburn, and melanoma. 

Not reapplying, especially after getting wet.

Given how I have mentioned how people often skip their daily SPF, reapplication seems to become a bridge too far. Dermatologists actually recommend reapplication every two hours of daily activities. Everyone actually has to do this after getting wet either from sweat or swimming in the pool or in the ocean. 

Sunscreen wears off. That’s why you need to reapply fairly frequently. Then, this happens at a much faster rate after sweating or being submerged in water. Usually, rely on sunscreen for protection for up to two hours. However, it only lasts about forty to eighty minutes with water or sweat exposure. 

Learning proper application methods.

Efficacy becomes dependent on user behavior. Sure, you may use a moisturizer with an SPF of 50. However, that number quickly dwindles down if you don’t use enough. The SPF of any product is based on using two milligrams per centimeter squared on your skin. Sunscreen may look and feel like a body moisturizer. However, it shouldn’t be slathered on like one. 

Experts say that the right way to put on sunscreen is to smear it very lightly over the surface of your skin. Then, leave it alone for a minute, let it dry, and don’t touch it. When it dries, it actually binds to the top layer of your skin. That’s why a lot of the bottles say to apply it fifteen minutes before putting on makeup over it. 

Recommending sun care products:

Lana PH Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock

If you’re like me and you hate sticky sunblocks that leave a dreadful white case after putting it on, Lana PH’s Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock is a definite must-have. Dermatologists all around the world recommend using at least SPF 30. This, on the other hand, has SPF 80 which will protect you from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. It also remains lightweight, finishes matte, and works well under make-up. With that said, you can also use it as a substitute for a make-up primer. 

Face Republic Purity Sun Essence SPF50+ PA++++

A solution to clean and mild daily sun protection, this has a formula in the purest form. It also contains no ingredients that could harm your skin or the ocean. With SP50, it protects your skin from 98% of the UVB-burning rays that penetrate your skin. It also offers a high level of protection. 

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Face Republic Full Bloom Sun Tint

Aside from the Purity Sun Essence, you can also have a sheer, moisturizing, and hybrid sun essential that also has SPF50+ PA++++. It blends in perfectly with your skin while leaving a blooming finish. 

Belo SunExpert Translucent Loose Powder

For context, my face is oily and whenever I do make-up, I would sweat easily, rendering the powder useless. With the Belo SunExpert Translucent Loose Powder, it sets my make-up with a matte and soft-focus finish. It has a Tone Adapt technology that evens out skin tone and will remain a must-have for morena girls everywhere!

Vaseline Lip Therapy

With the summer heat, you will need to lock in as much moisture to help your lips heal. Vaseline Lip Therapy helps with that. It relieves dry, dull, and cracked lips as it gives you a natural and glossy shine. Aside from that, it also has a non-sticky and non-greasy formula that remains suitable for regular use. So, don’t forget to keep one in your bag!

Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera remains a traditional herbal remedy that helps ease sunburn symptoms and reduce inflammation. It contains 19 out of 20 known amino acids necessary for any organism. It also softens hardened skin cells. Aside from that, aloe vera also stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity and dryness within the skin. With the summer heat, Nature Republic’s soothing aloe vera gel remains antibacterial and helps prevent peeling skin following over-exposure to the sun. So, don’t forget to pack some in your bags!

We tend to think of sun care only in terms of SPF. But, given how poor application and usage are, we should really think broader about how we care for our skin during sunnier months. Let’s encourage reevaluating sun habits and adopt a few new expert-approved tips. Protect your skin from the sun and ensure skin longevity.

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