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Everything is right with ITZY’s comeback ‘Cheshire’

Everything is right with ITZY’s comeback ‘Cheshire’

Why so curious? Get ready to play a game with ITZY’s new hot single Cheshire, released last Wednesday, November 30.

ITZY's Cheshire concept photo
Twitter | @ITZYofficial

Momentarily breaking from their ongoing Checkmate world tour, JYP Entertainment’s ITZY returns on stage with their 6th mini album Cheshire. Following their cutesy song releases Sneakers and Boys Like You, the title track, Cheshire, takes a much more serious and mysterious turn. From loud to light, ITZY goes playful with the new song’s mellow tunes yet bold concept to show off the girl group’s confidence and independence.

Hey, why so serious? Just trust what you see
Don’t complicate it, nothing’s wrong, right?
Can you see me?
Hey, why so curious?
Trust your gut, not your logic
Just take it easy, anything’s right, la-la-la-la-la

ITZY’s Cheshire

Everything’s Right With ITZY’s Comeback ‘Cheshire’

The Ambiguous Cheshire

Cheshire’s music video appears as a game show-themed centered on the confusing nature of Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire cat. And just like the cat, the music video is also quite confusing. However, it all makes sense after watching their press conference as the members, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, tackled the message behind the song.

We borrowed the concept of Cheshire Cat from the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to express an ambiguous feeling.


Life’s ambiguity and uncertainty often keep us on our toes, causing us anxiety of what is yet to come. Through Cheshire, ITZY aims to inspire their MIDZYs (ITZY’s fandom name) to embrace who they are and believe in themselves. Despite the mystifying theme, the song empowers its listeners to reach for their dreams and follow their gut no matter what other people say. After all, there is no absolute truth, and only you can truly answer your questions.

ITZY dance practice for Cheshire
Twitter | @ITZYofficial

There are so many questions and worries [in life]. This song tells you that there is no definite answer, so just trust yourself and keep doing what feels right to you.


Ever since debuting with Dalla Dalla in 2019, ITZY has always been releasing songs about self-love. Hence, why the group is known for its bad-ass concepts whether it be a mafia or runaway criminal. Cheshire adds up to the mix with a different kind of self-empowerment – the bravery to choose one’s own path.

The Playful ITZY

The new single gives me a lot of Billie Eilish vibes with a bit of fantasy added to it. Furthermore, I also noticed that JYP is fond of releasing a similar concept with NMIXX’s Dice and Twice’s Yes or Yes. What made ITZY’s Cheshire unique though, is its modern take on the wonderland magic with a game show as its central theme. Although they also missed the opportunity to do a creepy concept given the Cheshire cat’s nightmarish features.

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When I first heard the song, I thought it had a very unique color of its own. The unique groove and dreamy vibe are what makes the song attractive. We have been receiving so much love for our energetic and exciting songs like ‘Sneakers’ so far, but we wanted to approach fans with a different vibe.

ITZY at MAMA 2022 to perform Cheshire
Twitter | @ITZYofficial

On the other hand, ITZY did a great job of tying the song together. I honestly love it! Of course, it cannot be compared to their iconic song Wannabe, In the Morning, and Loco, but Cheshire has its own share of beauty. It captures a new side to the five-girls charm with its catchy lines like “Nothing’s wrong, right?” and “Hey, why so curious?”, its witty choreography, and slow yet upbeat rhythm. Since Sneakers, ITZY entered a new era of creativity as they allow themselves to explore more music tastes. Thus, I’m definitely stoked to hear more unique bops as they venture into different genres in the future.

Cheshire is out now on all music streaming platforms along with B-tracks Snowy, Freaky, and Boys Like You.

After recently concluding their North American Tour, ITZY is set to visit Manila, Philippines on January 2023. Their 2-days concert will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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