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Every Evening Gown created by Rian Fernandez for R’Bonney Gabriel

Every Evening Gown created by Rian Fernandez for R’Bonney Gabriel

Every Evening Gown created by Rian Fernandez for R'Bonney Gabriel

It has been over a week since R’Bonney Gabriel made history by becoming the first Filipino-American to win Miss Universe.

Although this achievement is certainly remarkable, it isn’t her only Filipino connection. As a pageant veteran, R’Bonney had quite the story before winning the crown.

As a pageant veteran, R’Bonney had her fair share of hardships and setbacks. Using it as motivation to push even harder, she displays the same tenacity and commitment we see in our own Filipina representatives. What’s more is that in every stage she goes through, she comes out feeling beautiful. And this is all because of Filipino designer Rian Fernandez.

From her local to state, national to international competitions, Rian has been the one behind her stunning pieces.

In honoring her long and fruitful journey, here is a look at each of the gowns R’Bonney has donned.

Miss Texas USA 2021

Aiming to represent the lone star state at Miss USA, R’Bonney competed at Miss Texas USA 2021. Representing Harris country, she would eventually place as 1st runner-up behind Victoria Hinojosa.

An inch closer to the crown, R’Bonney wore a silver-beaded gown. Despite not winning the title, she looked amazing, nonetheless.

Miss Texas USA 2022

Fighting for another shot, R’Bonney would return the following year and join Miss Texas USA 2022. Having finally won the crown, her gown was unquestionably regal.

The custom-made gown features a variety of hand-embroidered glass beads, oversized rhinestones, Swarovski, and sequins. It also comes with a royal blue cape which adds a little flair and drama. A showstopping gown for a show-worthy winner.

Miss USA 2022 Preliminaries

To help her penetrate the semifinals, R’Bonney went for the kill at the 2022 Miss USA Preliminary evening gown competition. Wearing a flowy olive gown, her presentation made her look as if she was floating onstage.

Competing against two other Filipino-American beauties, it’s safe to say that R’Bonney’s performance took her up and above the rest.

Miss USA 2022 Finals

One step closer to getting that US representation, R’Bonney came out shimmering in gold. A hand-embroidered gilded gown, it features a deep neckline as well as a high slit.

As a fashion designer herself, R’Bonney definitely has an eye in catching what looks good on her. Beaming with a coronation glow, she looked every inch of a winner.

Miss Universe 2022 Preliminaries

As one of the best performers during the Miss Universe 2022 preliminaries, R’Bonney’s gown shut it down! With the color of the year serving as inspiration, the Viva Magenta peek-a-boo trumpet gown is paired with an oversized detachable shawl.

As Rian would desrcribe it, it is edgy yet sophisticated. A magical performance that sealed the deal, the crown was only a hurdle away but it was for sure hers.

Miss Universe 2022 Finals

During the coronation night of Miss Universe 2022, all top 16 contestants got to parade both in swimsuit and in evening gown. With that large group of women, it is important that you make yourself noticeable.

True enough, R’Bonney blended with the scenery in a black, figure-hugging, shoulder -studded gown. Representing competence and sophistication, the gown glistens in different black onyx and glass mirror details.

In a room full of bright colors and sparkling jewels, R’Bonney managed to stand out and that’s exactly why she won.

Currently in New York, R’Bonney is now starting her reign as Miss Universe 2022. With the next pageant happening later this year, we’re pretty sure that she’s going to make the best out of this once in a lifetime experience.

As a well-known designer in the pageant industry, Rian has created gowns for many beauty queens. It’s definitely a flex to now include a reigning Miss Universe to his list of achievements and deservingly so.

Kudos to the both of you!

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