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Erich Gonzales shows thirst for revenge in the trailer of La Vida Lena

Erich Gonzales shows thirst for revenge in the trailer of La Vida Lena

Erich Gonzales once again proves her versatility as she plays her role in La Vida Lena. Portraying the role of a vindictive lady, the trailer shows that Erich’s character will do everything, even sacrificing her relationships, just to destroy people who have done her wrong.

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Erich Gonzales and her previous roles in teleseryes

Erich Gonzales entered the world of showbiz through the reality-based talent competition Star Circle Quest. She landed into different and interesting roles throughout her journey as a Kapamilya actress.

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Erich began showing potential in acting when she got her breakthrough role as Nene in the primetime series Katorse. She perfectly portrayed the role with the charm and innocence of a teenage mother. Meanwhile, the actress starred as Fina in Tanging Yaman as a poor girl who transformed into an elegant First Daughter of the Republic.

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In the teleserye Be My Lady, Erich plays the role of Pinang, a family breadwinner focusing on her goal to be a nurse in the UK. The talented actress took the afternoon primetime by storm with her performance in Blood Sisters. She starred as the triplets, the main character leads portraying three characters with distinct personalities, normal, abnormal, and psychotic.

Erich Gonzales shows thirst for revenge in the trailer of La Vida Lena

ABS-CBN just released the full trailer of “La Vida Lena”, showing Lena’s (Erich Gonzales) vengeful transformation. It also highlighted her tragic experiences due to the Narciso family. As Magda, she was mocked and insulted because of a large scar on her face. Aside from that, the Narciso clan tricked her to steal her soap formula. Because of that misfortune, she lost her grandfather and went into jail.

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In the second season, Magda will come back as soap maven Lena. She’ll try her best to execute her revenge plan to make the Narcisos pay for their sins. According to Dreamscape Entertainment, the story’s continuation will air on June 28. They will also broadcast it on additional venues like Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, TV5, and TFC. There’s no announcement yet regarding the timeslot yet.

La Vida Lena also stars Carlo Aquino, JC de Vera, Kit Thompson, Sofia Andres, Janice de Belen, and Agot Isidro.

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