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Different Pies Loved by Filipinos

Different Pies Loved by Filipinos

The origins of pie can be traced to ancient Egypt and Greece. However, even if it did not generally start in the Philippines, pies are well-loved by Filipinos. One proof of this is that we have our very own flavor of pie that originates in our country. Filled with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients, pie is a baked dish that is often encased in a pastry shell. In lieu of this, let us tackle more of the different pies loved by Filipinos.

Buko pie

Buko pie is said to have its birth in the Philippines, specifically in the province of Laguna. In contrast to custard pies with a cream foundation, buko pie is created with young coconuts (buko). Sweetened condensed milk is also the main ingredient that makes the texture more thick. Apples are the usual fruits to use in pies but since they are not native to the Philippines, buko became an alternative. According to the records, the Pahud sisters from Los Banos created this recipe. Their business grew, and they now specialize mainly in buko pies, and other pie variations.

Egg pie

Egg pie is a classic Filipino merienda, which also resembles an egg custard. You will absolutely hanker after the buttery crust cooked with the creamy custard filling. They are made with flour, sugar, milk, butter, and eggs. Egg pies are very famous in the Philippines, and can be seen in local bakeries, or mostly in  Pasalubong shops.

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Peach-mango pie

Peach-mango pie paved its way in the Philippines when a famous fast food restaurant opened. Just like its name, this pie is filled with sweetened peaches, and ripe mangoes. This pie is often fried, rather than baked. Peach-mango pie is a perfect snack or dessert for family and friends.

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