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December Avenue and their best songs of all time

December Avenue and their best songs of all time

When we talk about OPM, December Avenue is one band that comes to mind that can offer their best songs of all time. They will give you unique but classic musical styles. Therefore, they are considered one of the sought-after bands in the Philippines.

Apart from that, their band also rose to popularity with their viral compositions. Many love their songs that reflect on love, heartbreak, and loss, which everyone can relate to and sing along from their hearts.

Here are their best songs that you must listen to and add to your growing playlist.

December Avenue and their best songs of all time

1. Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw

December Avenue features Moira Dela Torre in this heartbreaking song of all time. The song tells the story of a man who would do anything for his childhood best friend. All the memories you enjoy and made together will, sometimes, have to come to an end. Yet, after all this pain, you will still let her go, and move forward.

The official music video has now more than 150 million views.

2. Eroplanong Papel

This song is different from their heart-wrenching single. It’s all about prayer, something we all use to communicate with God. In this song, the point of view is from someone who’s asking, wondering and waiting for their prayers to be heard. Yet, it also tells us to keep going and never lose hope.

3. Kahit Di Mo Alam

Another painful song that focuses on love that fades away. The song talks of someone who asks for one more chance to start all over again and try to fight their love once. However, everything is uncertain and you don’t know if you will meet again.

4. Huling Sandali

This is another sad song about the love you have for someone you want to interact with, even in his or her last moments. After that, you let yourself go of all the regrets, pain and love for each other.

5. Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig

December Avenue also released a song about someone who wishes to be with someone they like. However, they already have someone else in their life. Yet, you are still there patiently waiting for them and looking for some hope that they will love you back.

These are just some of the December Avenue songs you shouldn’t miss out on. Listen and enjoy!

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