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Date Ideas This Christmas Season — Thank Us Later

Date Ideas This Christmas Season — Thank Us Later

Christmas is approaching and it only means that this is the time, at last, for us to put ourselves into the new level of excitement of dating with our loved ones. FYI, this is not just for those who are lucky enough to be in a relationship and had their plot twist before the year ends, but also for those who will spend their Christmas alone – well, we still have our family and friends and that’s enough.

Mall dating has been on the list of every couple during Christmas and it’s not something new anymore. But I do not discourage everyone to have their dates there as long as it would be something out of the ordinary for both of you.

And while you are waiting for your 13th-month pay or any Christmas money gift from someone, here are some fresh ideal dates where you could bring your bae  — let our response be “sana all!’

Staycation date

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Going out on a date doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend your time anywhere outside. Every moment you have with your bae or your loved ones is something else. For this date, you only need a relaxing place that is perfectly fresh to both of you.

You may want to rent or stay (if you have) a small-town house or a condo that has everything you need for a fun time like Smart TV with Netflix for a chill, video games, and more importantly a relaxing sight of a home sweet home. But if you want to be more unusual, a place that has no internet connection is also an ideal date for you to spend your time in every second that counts.


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This is a bit exhausting especially if you are not into adventurous outdoor dates. However, this would be very fun and exciting when you reach the top of the mountains together and spend some of your sweetest moment there.

For this type of date, you will just spend more or less than 500 pesos per head for entrance and tour guide fees, and it’s absolutely not a waste of money.

Museum/Art exhibition

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For some people who prefer fun activities, museum dates might be quite boring as you will just do nothing but stare at the artworks or pictures for some hours. But this is one of the ideal dates I’ve been dreaming with someone I met and loved – who has sadly turned into just stranger and part of my 2019 memories. 

Anyways, you should go and see some aesthetic masterpieces (regardless if you are fan of art or not) of different talented artists and feel the mood of living in a creative, colorful, and artistic world. This won’t cost too much, unlike any other dates.

Midnight walks

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Having a midnight walk trip with someone is also a romantic way of spending your time together. With a peaceful and serene atmosphere, it would surely take you to a mood where your attention is only centered on your loved one. I do not have such a special and specific place to mention because this can be done anywhere. However, you could have your midnight walks in Intramuros, Rizal Park, MOA Seaside, Bonifacio Global City if you want a not-so-tranquil and safe place.

Watch indie films

Photo Courtesy from Cinemalaya

Just like movie dates, this is a fun thing to do but with just some different vibes of films. Indie films are rarely shown in some local cinemas in malls but you can stream it online on Netflix.

However, you may want to visit some cinemas that show indie films and it won’t waste your money. For instance,  you could watch indie films at Cinematheque Centre Manila in Ermita, Cinema ’76 Film Society in San Juan City, UP Film Institute’s Cine Adarna in Diliman, Quezon City, and CCP Arthouse Cinema in Pasay just to name a few.

Magical date

Photo Courtesy from Enchanted Kingdom

As the idea suggests, it is a magical type of spending your holiday with someone. If you are into rides like the rollercoasters, space shuttles, or anchors away, the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna is the best place for you. There are also affordable, yet thrilling rides at the seaside beside SM Mall of Asia.

Concert or theater play

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If there are some scheduled concert or theater play for this month, don’t waste your time with your partner and take the chance to witness how powerful and memorable performing art is. Usually, Christmas concerts and plays are one of the people’s choice to enjoy their cold holidays.

Outreach program/The Season of Giving

Photo Courtesy from The Gospel Herald

Perhaps, this would be the first time you will hear or read this for a date suggestion. Yes! It’s not your typical date but this would give you a genuine smile and joy to your heart. You may also invite your friends so that it would be more enjoying and easy to organize.

Since Christmas is the season of giving, this is the perfect time to share your blessings with other people who are in need of support and let them feel the real essence of Christmas. This could be the most unusual yet satisfying date you could ever have in your entire life that you won’t regret even after a breakup — kidding aside!

So, there you have it! You still have couples of days to bring your loved ones wherever you want for a Christmas holiday date.

Merry Christmas and have a fun!

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