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COVID-19 testing is a must; especially, while waiting for the vaccine

COVID-19 testing is a must; especially, while waiting for the vaccine

Having older or even vulnerable people around us can make us anxious. Especially now that COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc. I, myself, am worried that they may acquire it anytime, it makes me restless. The rising numbers and new variants keep on popping out of nowhere which makes it worse. An increased pace of vaccination remains our hope. However, it’s a catch22, and to be honest, it feels like wishing for crows to turn white.

COVID-19 Testing
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COVID-19 testing is a must; especially, while waiting for the vaccine

I’m not being pessimistic, but that is the reality. If our clamored mass testing and contact tracing didn’t happen, how can we demand a faster COVID-19 vaccination? Let’s look at the data. As of this writing, the Department of Health (DOH) reported 8,122 new infections. The new cases brought the country’s total COVID-19 cases to 892,880. This data remains very alarming in itself. How can you expect people to calm down if we don’t see urgent actions?

Photo Credit to Vine on Wheels

Let’s protect ourselves from the virus

Having said all that, doing our very best to protect ourselves becomes a must. Doing so will only prove how we love the people around us. Because we don’t want them to acquire this dreaded disease. If you think that COVID-19 is a hoax and not to be taken seriously, you should think again. This pandemic has caused us to lose lives. Doing our part should remain a social contract that we should adhere to. Then, what can we do apart from the usual safety protocols that we’re doing?

It’s a must to know our COVID-19 status. Yes, it can be scary. But, we have to man up and face our fears. Imagine if you remain clueless about your status and it turns out that you have contracted the virus, you might infect other people, too. Especially those who remain close to you. You can even lose people you love due to your own negligence. If you know it, it would be easy to quarantine and isolate yourself to avoid the spread of the virus.

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Where to go?

As early as now, I highly recommend that you have your loved ones listed for a vaccination. Most LGU’s in Metro Manila has already posted an online registration for a smooth rollout. To appease your minds, let’s have our status check in the meantime. There are certain clinics where you can go for testing, but Vine Aesthetics has introduced Vine On Wheels. They’re bringing health and safety into the limelight by bringing the testing to your doorsteps. They have Immuno-boosting drips too to strengthen our immune system.

Photo Credit To Vine On Wheels

So if you’re worried about going out, they can just go to your place and have you tested. So what are you waiting for? Book your next appointment now. To know more about it, here are their IG and FB accounts.

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