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COVID-19: Let’s say thank you to these silent frontliners

COVID-19: Let’s say thank you to these silent frontliners

For all the men and women at the front line to battle the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), you deserve our gratitude. As challenging as the current situation may be, the fact that you continue to keep us out of harm’s way warms our hearts. While many of us complain for being stuck at home, they continue to heed the call to fight this pandemic.


Let’s say thank you to these silent COVID-19 frontliners

Aside from doctors, nurses, medical employees, and healthcare workers, there are people who continue to get up and work to keep us alive and virus-free. Although they remain silent, they also deserve our gratitude. While we complain about being bored in the house (… I’m in the house bored. Get it? Tiktok reference!), they work to provide us our daily needs.

These workers brave the crisis to ensure there will be foods in our stomachs, energy to power our houses and ensure that society doesn’t fall into pieces. So, here are only some of the people who deserve our thanks amid COVID-19:



Sanitation continues to be the immediate concern during the fight against COVID-19. That’s why we have to thank the people behind waste and sanitation management. This includes the people who collect our garbage and the ones who disinfects the streets outside. They make sure that our trash are taken care of and properly discarded.

Plus, if we do need to go out, the streets that we walk on would be squeaky and bleached clean. Aside from saying our thanks, we also have to ensure their safety as they could come in contact with potentially harmful waste. Of course, they need personal protective gear, too.

Photo from Gerg Cahiles | Instagram | CNN Philippines


One of the most overlooked group of hard-workers in this COVID-19 crisis continues to produce and harvest goods for our consumption. With tons of fresh produce at risk of being wasted due to lack of transport, their crops are surely affected due to the strict and enhanced community quarantine. Thankfully, some lawmakers come to their rescue as they try to ensure that there will be benefits to make up for losses due to the said crisis.

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These people make sure that there are food for us so we don’t starve during the COVID-19 quarantine. They remain in grave risk of possibly contracting the disease as they interact with people like us. Hopefully, we only go to the market or the grocery when we absolutely need to. As we rush to get supplies, they remain manning their stations and establishments.

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The baggers, cashiers, managers, butchers, and even the inventory staff continue to make sure we get what we need. Let’s also follow social distancing policies and bring the exact amount. This way, we can move against transmitting the virus through these transactions. Let’s stock up smartly and reduce the number they interact with.

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Including cargo personnel, delivery people, mail people, and the ones who still rove around the streets to deliver necessary goods like food and medical supplies. Aside from that, they also transport essential medical workers to their designated areas. We can help through contactless delivery, tip well, and avoid food delivery when cooking at home can be possible. Aside from money as tip, we can also give them sanitation kits that consist of alcohol, soap, and protective face masks among others.

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Although these medical practitioners are away from hospitals, they help ease the discomfort of those with minor ailments. Just like the market vendors and grocery staff, we can help keep them safe through limited trips to the pharmacy. Of course, we have honest with them when we seek medical advice or prescriptions for minor pains. Aside from that, we should also practice social distancing inside the pharmacies and wear a mask if we really have to go there.

Photo from ADB


The banking industry remains exempt from checkpoints due to the strict and enhanced community quarantine. They work a 9AM to 5PM job to assist our financial needs. They also face risk as they continue operations with a huge volume of customers. Take advantage of online banking and fund transfers to limit their interactions.

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At a time like this, fake news and rumors grow rampant on social media. The media has become an essential force during the COVID-19 crisis. They have the power to provide information as they remain as close to the scene as possible. Let’s help them by staying vigilant and sharing verified-only news stories to avoid panic.

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Did we miss some of our silent frontliners? Let us know in the comments section below.

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