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Comparing Disney’s Sing to the current state of the Philippine pop culture

Comparing Disney’s Sing to the current state of the Philippine pop culture

Sing, a 2016 Disney animated movie, features different variations of animals. These include a koala; Buster, a gorilla; Johnny, a pig; Rosita, a hedgehog; Ash, and an elephant; Meena. The movie features great music and reveals great musicians and performers.

Just like the other movies, Disney or not, every character has a different set of stories, a different state of living, a different environment, different cultures, and different values. Generally, for someone who thinks their talents are not as special as the others, the entire movie shows that your ability is incredibly valued.

Comparing Disney’s Sing to the current state of the Philippine pop culture

We all know that we have different skills and talents. Humans are all different in the way we see and develop our skills. We have different favorite genres of music and different preferred choreographies. From the way we sing, the way we act, the way we write, and the way we create art, we are all different. Those differences are a good way of telling that dissimilarities can be beautiful.

And, it can be a compilation of colorful masterpieces. As an example, considering that the Philippines has no shortage of astounding voices, we are widely known – even internationally. Most celebrated performers included Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo, Regine Velasquez, and Lani Misalucha among others.

However, in some cases, not all artists have the same exposure or attention coming from their audiences. For example…

Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan is a Filipino musician, singer-songwriter, visual artist, fashion designer, and author. Her masterpieces come in indie-pop and folk. You can even listen her beautifully written and outstanding artistry through songs like Grammar Nazi and What Is This Feeling?

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Arthur Nery

Arthur Nery aka the music heartthrob from the South has a lot of skills. But, he has made his fans fall in love with his singing. He is the previous voice behind hit tunes like Higa and Binhi. These songs were considered underrated. However, as of this writing, it had reached millions of views on YouTube and remains on trending on Spotify among other platforms.

As someone who started singing as a kid, he learned how to write songs. These poetic masterpieces are filled with rhythm and melody. Still, he had the thought of simply not being good enough and still finds it hard to achieve progress despite success.

Just like singing, life has its own rhythm, melody, and harmony. It is not always perfect. Sometimes, it’s sharp, it’s flat, and it’s even imperfect. But, trying is always the best one. Because those who try are simply beyond perfection.

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